iCardToss' Casual Card Flicking is a Worthy Time-Waster


icardtoss iphoneRendering a classic boredom reliever as time-killing iPhone app, iCardToss lets you toss virtual cards into virtual hats (or a bucket if you prefer) for points. You get your choice of three backgrounds and three targets and of course a deck of cards. Your objective is to score as many points as possible by landing as many cards as possible inside the target hat or bucket.

Released earlier this week, iCardToss is simple to play and accomplishes the goal of a game to merely pass the time wherever you may be.

Though I’ve never been much of a fan of apps deemed time-wasters, iCardToss is a little different. It incorporates a competitive edge by scoring card tosses and keeps things interesting by repositioning the target for every throw.

There is absolutely nothing complicated about iCardToss, thus its appeal is in its simplicity.

Use the power meter to determine the force of each flick by holding and sliding your finger toward the target. Though the “hand” responds to tilt control, the aim is less predictable. It may take a round or two to get the hand of it, but the controls can be quickly mastered.

iCardToss includes three difficulty levels and you can also choose to have wind blowing to make it more challenging. You are given the choice of a top hat, a ball cap, and a bucket as targets and you can place them in a backyard or two different bedroom settings. The developer, ObjectDev Corporation, has put out a call to users to send them suggestions for backgrounds to include in future updates.

As far as the scoring system goes, I have no clue how that works. Having never played competitive card tossing as a kid, I would have assumed one point for each card, but it appears you get more points for hitting the targets further away than for the ones up close. It also seems you accumulate points faster with consecutive successful tosses.

As far as I’m concerned, there might be numerous other games I’d prefer to play with a deck of cards, but iCardToss is so casual that it does make a good game for passing the time. After all, it’s no big deal if you shut it off mid-way through the deck. It will be interesting to see if additional backgrounds and targets come out to help extend its replay value, but all in all iCardToss is a decent rendition of card tossing.

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