iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One Could be Useful, Clever or Neither


To be honest, I’m sitting on the fence where iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is concerned. Brought to you by Headlight Software Inc., the makers of wifi disk and other utility/productivity tools, iCatchall: 16+ Apps in One is exactly as the name implies — 16 different apps in one with the + presumably indicating more to come. Basically, it’s a compilation of some of the more popular free utility and miscellaneous apps as well as a few others randomly thrown in for fun.

What you get are a variety of apps categorized as Tools and Utilities, Fun Stuff, and Sound Effects. Tools and Utilities features a flashlight, tip calculator, level, file storage, ruler, hourglass timer, and a tap counter — which I totally don’t get. There is also an app that lets you “remember 1 thing” by entering whatever “thing” you want to remember with the onscreen keyboard.

The Fun Stuff page features tap dancing, the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, Flaming Balls of Fire, and virtual poker chips to shuffle around. Rounding out the initial 16 included apps is the Sound Effects page, which includes sound effects for a cheering studio audience, “huh?” and of course a fart. Want to get rickrolled? The final Sound Effects app is a music video which takes you to YouTube to watch Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video.

I don’t deny that the concept of having several apps compressed into one is clever. Yes, it saves space on your main menu, but then you basically just end up with a duplicate menu of multiple pages. I suppose categorizing the included apps simplifies things, but it’s only saving a tap here or a swipe there. You could easily exchange your current flashlight, fart, and level apps (if you have them) for this one app and unclutter your main menu by a few icons, but the question is, do you care?

For the most part, I’d say that the individual apps are pretty pointless. Sure there are a few instances where I would deem a tip calculator or a timer or even the flashlight useful, so why not store them all in one app? The biggest problem I see is that unless you were lucky enough to catch iCatchall on its free day, you are paying for a conglomeration of apps that are otherwise available for free with little variation.

For iCatchall to really catch on, I think it should include more useful additions, such as a full-function calculator, a link to national headlines rather than a single video clip that could be straight out of VH-1’s "I Love the 80’s," or fun stuff that actually is fun. Even if “Remember 1 Thing” could be changed to “Remember Several Things,” I would be more impressed.

That’s not to say that the concept of an all-in-one is poor, in fact it might be smart and these guys have cranked out useful stuff before. Perhaps the value will come in the + aspect down the road as other stuff is added.

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