iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day Wants to Win Your Heart With Music

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

iCelebrate Valentines Day iphoneWho doesn’t love a good love song, smooth jazz, or a little R&B? OK, probably plenty of people – especially as Valentine’s Day approaches and those with contempt for the hopelessly romantic and barrage of candy hearts and chocolate flowers that celebrate them are reminded of the pending day in every store.

The App Store to is filled with reminders of the pending love fest, and iCelebrate ~ Valentine’s Day will help you celebrate or, as the case may be, rue the day alongside a quart of chocolate chip ice cream.

Much like Conduits Technologies, Inc.’s iCelebrate ~ Christmas, which I’m sad to say I missed, iCelebrate ~ Valentine’s Day is a holiday countdown with streaming music and animated backgrounds.

You can choose to stream specific genres, including love songs, smooth jazz, easy listening, and R&B or stream them all. If you don’t like what’s playing, switch stations with the touch of a button. Meanwhile, your device displays your choice of six different romantic backgrounds, including city lights, candlelight, or glittery, floating hearts. Setting the mood for a romantic dinner or well, an intimate encounter of some sort couldn’t be simpler.

Obviously in order to use iCelebrate ~ Valentine’s Day you need an internet connection to stream the music. When you first launch the app, you can tap the “choose” button to set all genres or a select a single, specific one. Hit the back button and scroll through the available background scenes until you find one you like and tap it. A station will be located and begin playing and the song and station info will be displayed. You can change it with a tap of the “next” button. Take note that selecting only one genre will limit you to only three or four station selections.

The user interface of iCelebrate is quite simple. The inability to switch background scenes without interrupting the music stream is kind of frustrating, but at least the channel searches are fast over a WiFi connection.

iCelebrate ~ Valentine’s Day is ideal for use in a stereo with iPod docking and at least the virtual candlelight doesn’t pose a fire risk. If you already have the Christmas version, it’s difficult to tell the two apart as the icons for each are identical save for a variation in the ribbon color, but the Valentine’s Day edition has a less seasonal impact and could really be used anytime.

For less than a box of conversation hearts, you can have access to a romantic mood setter anytime, anywhere. In fact, it’s kind of like Viagra for your iPhone – it’s ready when you are.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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