iCodeRed is Like Having John Wayne in Your Pocket

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

icodered iphone appiCodeRed - Planning on going skiing this winter and worried that you might get buried in an avalanche? What if you're worried that you'll fall and can't get up? What if you're just someone who worries a lot?

For folks like you, there's BAK2u's iCodeRed. Think of it as your personal emergency alarm system.

iCodeRed dials your phone and sends an email with your longitude, latitude and a link to Google map to whomever you designate. Set it up by entering your emergency contact number and your email address. Tap the save button and you're done.

The next time someone tries to kidnap or carjack you or you get lost in the wilderness, launch the iCodeRed and tap the big, red icon in the middle of the iPhone's screen and help will come charging in like John Wayne and the U.S. cavalry. That's the big idea, anyway.

iCodeRed works perfectly. However, the only thing that keeps me from giving it a perfect score is that the number of times I or anyone might use it is next to zero, or at least I hope so. It's a small price to pay peace of mind, I guess.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Chavez M

    I am an EMT and just to play the devil's advocate here, what if this app failed? What if someone used this instead of calling 911 and it failed? I am surprised Apple allows apps like this for the same reasons they don't allow navigation, the location is not accurate enough and there could be liability issues. GPS only works outdoors, so this app is worthless indoors, a false sense of security. Snake oil in my opinion and a false sense of security, emergency applications should not be allowed in the app store, the iPhone is not a stable enough platform and nothing should replace dialing 911 directly, this is just irresponsible. Would you really trust your life or children's lives to any app like this? No thanks.

  • Mark

    This is a useful app but I hope I won't have to use it but as the reviewer said it is good for emergency.

    If the app failed the caller can still call 911 anyway not as if it is a one time call app only. Nonetheless good to have in my personal opinion since can predefined any numbers and not necessary 911.

  • http://editorialengine.com Michael Alexander

    I'm not interested in defending the developer, and whether you choose an app like this one is entirely up to you. However, I would like to make a couple of observations.

    The first is that this app dials a telephone number just like the iPhone auto dials any number, including 911. In a dire emergency, logically, you would call 911 and give them the nature of the emergency and your location rather than use this app.

    I don't think many people would wait to see if their emergency contact received their phone number and/or email, say, if their femoral artery was slit open. The point is, this app is not intended to replace 911 under dire circumstances.

    This app will work indoors on EDGE or 3G. Of course, GPS would be even better--which is accurate to within several feet--certainly close enough--but you still have other options if you are indoors.

    As with any situation, common sense prevails.

    The one thing I can count on is having 911 dispatchers and EMTs arriving at the scene and providing care. In a real emergency, that's who I would call. You can count on them more than any app in my limited experience.

  • Charlie

    Know of a few friends that carry the iphone when hiking it be useful for em.

  • Provada

    Umm Hiking? I don't think so. If you can't get cell reception this won't work unless it is connecting to satelites or something. How many hikers die every year who have their cell phone with them, look at James Kim and what happened to his family. It sounds like a good idea, but really not that useful as even Michael mentions, just call 911, why waste money on an app like this? If there is no GPS the accuracy could be off by miles. Curious how you would test it with 911, if you accidently pressed the application you would call 911 and then you hang up and law enforcement shows up you get a nice fine. This sort of reminds me of the stupid comedy skits when they ask "what's the number for 911?".

  • Charlie

    Ya, that is if no cell reception so why bring a phone along then? A pigeon will do the same job ya? Too much assumptions here, mate.

  • Provada

    I don't know, you said it's your friends who bring them hiking. You tell me. Ya.

  • daka

    Its a good apps to have.
    We all hope we will never ever have to use this. But when all things fails, this could be the last lifeline.