iCopter - Simple Fun With Room For Improvements

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Developer: Michael Hertz
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iCopter by developer Matthew Hertz is simple, fun, and yes, addicting, but it does not live up to the standard some other game apps have established.

At first the controls of iCopter are hard to get used to but once the player can navigate the little helicopter through the obstacles, the game's addictive qualities kick in and three speed options provide different challenges.

The iCopter interface follows an old-school game style and its simplicity is cool but compared to other games in the app store, iCopter offers too little development to justify the cost. The option to enter your scores in an online list and thereby compete with other players adds to the game and with it being fairly addictive, this will keep some users coming back for more.

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  • brilliant minds

    It's funny, usually these really simple games are the most fun! it really doesn't take too much to impress a girl like me. Just has to grab my attention and be addictive in nature....I don't need all the fancy graphics or sounds, call me old-fashioned.

  • D-Bizzle

    It needs way better graphics, come on its 2008! They were given this great platform with which to produce these great apps and this is what this developer produces? Lame!!

  • D-Bizzle is dumb

    what is he talkin about, the complex games suck, cube runner is basic and alotta ppl play it, i liker i copter, the developer came out with a good app, i liked the old one more though