iCountCash: The One With the Most Money Wins

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

icountcash iphoneSaid to be “as addictive as real cash,” iCountCash adds to the long line of addictive frantic tapping, swiping, and poking games available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad. While it’s kind of baffling how games like this have caught on, there’s no denying the popularity of such non-placid entertainment for the touch screen devices. If you thought popping virtual bubble wrap was fun, wait till you find out how many bills you can count in 30 seconds.

iCountCash features a simple interface with a screen representing a stack of money – US Dollar, Pound, and Euro denominations – that you flip through by swiping down the corners to “reveal” the next bill. You can play against the clock in 15, 30, and 60 second timed intervals or go for marathon mode if being plagued with carpal tunnel is your goal.

If you’re a fast enough swiper, you can rack up a dollar amount score faster and higher than the National Debt.

Of course iCountCash also incorporates social media into the mix so you can challenge your Facebook and Twitter friends to participate in the same mind and finger numbing tasks you engage in. Compete for the high score amongst friends or compare your score to the online leader board. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time without really doing anything, counting cash is definitely more fun than popping bubble wrap.

The fact that three different currencies are represented makes iCountCash three times more interesting than using Benjamins alone. The graphics make the bills realistic in appearance and the touch response requires a bit more than tapping, but allows for the same idiotic frantic interface that makes these types of games so bizarrely addicting to the masses. It’s a cool concept, really, but my biggest complaint is that it costs real cash to buy.

As a free app supported by ads in between games, iCountCash could probably have been a hit. In these tough economic times, people may not be dropping dimes to buy apps that don’t serve a practical, or at least engaging, function on their device. Still, there are those who migyht spare a dollar to count virtual cash simply to recall what it actually looks like.

If you’re a fan of addictive tapping games and the challenge of competitive social scoring within said games, then iCountCash won’t disappoint – as long as you don’t mind paying for it. Challenge your friends across your social networking platforms or simply challenge a friend at dinner. As with all aspects of things involving money, the one with the most cash wins.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Ben mccomb

    This app is great, it is much more fun than idrag paper and popping bubble wrap and once you start it is hard to stop! Well worth the .99 cents!