Get Down, Up, Left, Right, Whatever With iDance


idance iphone appiDance - What originated with console games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, the time-and-tap dance and music simulation games have become so popular that most everyone has seen some form of them by now. The iPhone is no stranger to these games either, with Tap Tap Revenge and then its sequel, it’s no surprise to see iDance by Ting Interactive to surface as the latest version of the genre.

In similar fashion to DDR, iDance features upward scrolling directional arrows and an onscreen dance pad at the bottom, which you must tap in time to score points and keep your dancer from being “booed” off stage.

There are a total of nine levels available with iDance and you can choose between a male or female dancer. Their particular dance moves have little to do with the rhythm of the songs, which are techno-style dance beats designed for the game. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most people would probably prefer familiar dance tracks, but regardless, there is music, there are arrows, and there is tapping.

It’s difficult to explain, but the closest comparison to iDance is DDR because it too is a game based on directional arrows rather than just scrolling colored circles or squares. Instead of moving your feet to the coordinating arrows on a dance mat, you use your fingers to tap them. The translation from full out dance mat to handheld device is pretty weak. There simply isn’t enough room for everything on the small screen and it becomes a bit cluttered and claustrophobic. Plus, it’s a bit awkward to try to use multiple fingers to tap different directions at once. Perhaps if the arrows scrolled downward and then you tapped them when they reached the dance pad, it would eliminate some of the clutter.

If you are persistent enough to get over the awkward interface, the nine levels become increasingly more difficult to complete and you must clear each stage to unlock the subsequent levels. As far as I can tell, there is no high score record maintained anywhere and other perks, such as leader score boards and whatnot, that could lend a bit of competitive edge are all absent.

While I am certain there is an audience for iDance — like those who prefer to not move their feet when playing a dance game, iDance falls short of gaining my appreciation. If you're in to digital dancing, then iDance might be one way to shake your groove thang. Finger-dance enthusiasts might also want to try out Tap Tap Dance or Saturday Night Fever: Dance.

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