iFish - Fishing On Your iPhone


Fishing has a way for humans to get food for thousands of years. It wasn't developed into sport until more recently and now there are professional competitions of fishing. iFish is a very simple game and easy to get the hang of, but unfortunately because of that it gets boring fairly quickly.  Fishing is a great way to make use of the accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod Touch.  However, there needs to be a little bit more to iFish and unfortunately it crashed on me a couple times.

iFish is simple to use.  In order to cast, meaning throw, your line into the water, you simply flick your iPhone or iPod Touch forward.  Then you wait for the fish to take hold and you flick the iPhone up to really grab the fish.  When you grab the fish, the app displays a reel to spin with your finger by rotating on the screen in circles. Don't reel too fast or too slow or the fish that you worked so hard to catch will get away.

Once you catch a fish, you can now throw it back into the water or put it in your bucket. At any time you can check your bucket to see the fish that you have caught, their weight, and the date and time that you caught the fish. You can also change your location, choosing from multiple locations with both fresh water and salt water.

Negatives of iFish start with the lack of excitement that the app brings. In my opinion, iFish is a little too bland with not enough animation. Also, it's too easy to catch a fish, so the excitement of actually catching one is only there the first time. I also couldn't find any options area where you could shut off the sound, which I think is an important part of every iPhone app. However, iFish is still a half way decent application that is just missing a few things to make it better.

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  • SeanBMW2001

    I love to fish but I can't seem to feel the excitement of catching one on this app. It's too easy

  • BettyGreene

    Can you say...boring??

  • DexMex77892

    I beg to differ. It's creative and looks like someone spent a lot of time putting this together.

  • Brian.Kappa090

    Get me off this boat. I get sea sick!

  • http://www.mikevick.net Mike

    I can't stand this app. iFishing is much better.