iFlashReady Helps Correct Pictures in Low Lighting

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

iflashready-iphone1As far as photography apps go, iFlashReady is pretty basic. It is designed to help enhance pictures taken without the aid of a flash, such as those taken with the iPhone camera. At first, I thought iFlashReady worked in conjunction with the iPhone camera simultaneously, but after checking it out learned it is mostly a photo editing app that changes an existing image by lightening it up.

When you launch iFlashReady you have instant access to photos saved on your iPhone or touch. You simply select a photo and then choose a flash setting to apply and save the enhanced image back to your device.

I was skeptical at first, but discovered I was able to use iFlashReady to significantly lighten and brighten a picture I took outdoors at dusk. I suspect it may work better with outdoor pictures, but I also observed some improvements to indoor photos as well. The overall effect was to brighten the photo without losing contrast or washing out the image. In some cases, it made an altogether bad picture decent enough to keep.

iFlashReady seems to adequately adjust a photo's lighting to reduce shadows and enhance focused parts with lighter reflection. I can't say I observed anything spectacular when using it, but at the least iFlashReady improved the overall quality of some pictures I took with my iPhone in less than adequate lighting.

One thing I did find bothersome with iFlashReady was the frequency at which it became disabled when saving flash enhanced pictures. It crashed on me about 30 percent of the time. Hard reset is supposed to correct this problem, but I still experience it. The bigger problem is that when this happens, you have to start all over with selecting a photo, selecting a flash level, and then try saving again. The process doesn’t take a terribly long time, but is still frustrating.

Providing you can get the picture to save, iFlashReady definitely helps improve images taken with the iPhone camera in low lighting. It’s not a song and dance I would bother with or rely on if I were planning on taking good pictures, but to quickly enhance the photos I take on the fly with my iPhone I can see where iFlashReady has its uses.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Jeron

    CameraFlash is a simplified, but more stable (and equally effective) version of this. Give it a try!