iFunCam is a Fun But Quirky Photo App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

You can be the Statue of Liberty with iFunCamiFunCam is a photo editing program for the iPhone that allows you to add frames and silly items to your pictures. You know how you can get your picture taken at an amusement park standing behind a giant wooden wall with painted bodies (like mermaids or carnival characters) with a hole for just your head to peak out of? That is one of the ways you can alter your photos with iFunCam.

The easiest way to use iFunCam is in camera mode. You choose one of the templates, which the developer, Bioti, refers to as “stickers,” aim the camera at your friend, line up the sticker with his or her face, then take a picture. Your new photo, complete with its décor, is automatically saved in your photo album.

Twenty-five stickers are available including a lion’s mane, birthday hat, statue of liberty and goofy glasses. There are also some heart, balloon and flower borders and plain frames.

I ran into problems when I tried to alter photos already in my album. Any picture that I had downloaded from iPhoto would not upload into iFunCam. I got the message, “iFunCam does not support this size.” iFunCam seemed to function only with photos originally taken with the iPhone camera. Because the stickers have differently-sized holes for the faces, only a handful may actually work with the picture you upload. Unlike PicTricks, this app does not recognize facial features and therefore it does not adjust the location of items like hats and glasses. All of these problems are avoided when you use iFunCam in camera mode.

My friends got a good laugh out of seeing themselves transformed into lions and warriors. Unfortunately, when I saved the pictures, some of them converted to a landscape orientation, distorting the pictures and making the faces look stretched out and fat. I could find neither an explanation nor a solution to this phenomenon.

The final product with iFunCam is definitely entertaining. iFunCam is only ninety-nine cents, but the occasional distortion when saving photos and the challenges with previously taken photos might make you think twice before buying.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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