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iSocialTrial for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr (AppStore Link)
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iSocialTrial for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr
Developer: SiVola, LLC (CA)
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iGiftuU-iPhoneSocial media app iGift4U is a repository of quotations, photos, emoticons, and product shots that can enliven your Facebook or Twitter feed. The content is pretty extensive and should satisfy your desire for extra goodies to throw at your followers and friends.

It's pretty convenient to have this many virtual gifts available in one app. And, no doubt, the shear volume of products is one of the big reasons that iGift4U was nominated in the top 10 social networking apps in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards.

There are a myriad of graphics and emoticons that make iGift4U an easy one-stop shop for finding and sharing virtual gifts on the big social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

The collection of quotations was pretty extensive, ranging over everything from civilization to sports. If you wanted to just browse topical quotes, it would be hard to come up with a better list to browse on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, some of the delivery in iGift4U is a bit sloppy. Many of the quotations lack proper punctuation (several were missing an apostrophe in contractions) and some were over the 140-character limit for Twitter.

The emoticons are a pretty standard list of zany graphics — cute, bubbly expressions, though somewhat larger than what you would find in a text message app.

Though some areas of iGift4U are average, the app excels for social networking users that like sending gifts online. It's the "gifts" in iGift4U that make it different from other social media apps: you can send such items as a Windows 7 box, an SD card, Turbotax, or the new Susan Boyle album (I bet you're sold now). Tap on the world icon at the bottom of the product and you are taken to a link to it on Amazon. Nothing like a little shopping while updating your social networks.

Swiping through the options was pretty seamless, and many of these items may give you or a friend a good laugh or two. Along with Twitter and Facebook, you can send any of the graphics or other iGift4U content through an e-mail too.

Ultimately iGift4U will be worth it if you are a heavy Twitter and Facebook user who likes to share graphics, photos, and quotations through your feeds. If you do, this app will streamline the process and is easily worth the price. If not, then with some savvy Google searching you can probably find similar content elsewhere. It just depends on what your time is worth.

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