iGolf Releases Version 2.0 - Play Par 3 Golf on the iPhone

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SGN Golf
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igolf 2.0 - new version of igolfiGolf today released version 2.0 of their Free Golf simulation game for the iPhone. This is a significant new release: instead of just playing on a driving range, you can now play two par 3 holes and one par 4.

iGolf is one the most popular free apps in the iStore. To play it, you actually hold the iPhone in your hand and swing the phone like you would a golf club. Generally, the harder the swing, the further the virtual golf ball goes. On each hole you have a choice between a wood, an iron and a putter.

As long as this iGolf stays free, its a must try for any iPhone user. Whether you will end up keeping it is another story...

(Editor's Note: iGolf is now SGN Golf.)

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  • Adrian Veidt

    This is a killer game - I highly recommend it.

  • Rockwell

    I'm sorry, I just don't see the allure of games like this. Why play a crappy golf game on your phone when you can play Tiger Woods '09 on the XBox? How often do people have absolutely nothing to do when they're away from home?

    I think a lot of these iPhone games are going to get real old real fast. I know 90% of the apps I've downloaded I never end up using again.

  • Adrian Veidt

    I mean, you could say that the entire mobile gaming market, including the DS, etc., consists of "crappy games" that you could be playing on a console. Clearly it's a huge market.

  • Rockwell

    I don't think the iPhone is at the level of the DS yet. Yes, there are some decent games, but none with the depth of most DS games.

  • JonG

    You guys are missing the point. People are going to buy a ton of these apps

  • Rockwell

    I think the only reason why people will buy these games is a) lower price points than games for handheld gaming devices, and b) easier purchase procedure (clicking on a box and getting charged on your credit card vs. buying a boxed game in a store). These games are not close to the same quality of what you get on a DS or other portable gaming device.

  • http://mygolfmate.info Tianna

    Very good post, thanks!