iGossip Delivers the Dish on Celebrity News, but Needs an Extreme Makeover

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iGossip iPhone appGossip junkies around the globe are getting their fill more often and much faster from some fun new apps. iGossip gives you the dish on all of your favorite celebrity happenings from the some of the most popular celebrity gossip websites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Gossip Girls, US Weekly, E! Online, Celeb Buzz, Pop Sugar and many more.

If you start iGossip the home page is a list of 15 preset gossip sites. If you tap on one of them you’re taken to a list with their latest stories and videos. Tap again and you’re taken to the official website to read or watch the story.

iGossip is a decent application. However it falls short in a number of ways. It’s basically an RSS reader for gossip sites. This means it would be a lot more functional if it gave its users the option to change one of the 15 preset sites. If you like sports gossip, or urban gossip, or music gossip, it’s pretty much useless to you because they aren’t included.

The other big problem is that none of the content is in the app, instead iGossip links to other apps and sometimes the links don’t work or the video doesn’t play. Entertainment news is the kind of thing users want right away not the kind of thing they want to play around with the app for.

From an aesthetic perspective iGossip is not very visually interesting or exciting. It’s just a transparent grey background with a small font at the top. There is nothing iconic or memorable about that title. The gossip site icons listed on the left are more memorable and larger than life in this application.

iGossip is not entirely a horrible application. It does take advantage of parts of the phones hardware. Users can read their gossip in portrait, landscape or upside down. The developers are also interested in adding more feeds. They’d just like the masses to email them and tell them what they’re interested in having. However, the option to edit one of your personal favorites might be more preferable for some users.

iGossip has also introduced a Spanish language version of this app called iCarumba.

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