iGuardDog: Get Your Paws Off My iPhone!

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iguarddog iphone appiGuardDog - Cell phones have always been a pretty personal thing, and the more features and abilities those phones have, the more personal they become. It's no longer just a matter of the numbers in a phone book, but of family photos, clandestine text messages — some people have almost their whole lives on their iPhones! Which is why it can be annoying when people just pick up your phone, as if it's no big deal. Because it is a big deal.

UnBoxed thinks it's a big deal, too, so they've created iGuardDog. This application is simple, but effective. Simply set it down on a level surface and "arm" it, and whenever the phone gets picked up, the picker-upper is treated to a short looping video of a barking dog or two, with the concise message "PUT IT DOWN" in case the barking didn't get the point across. Sure, iGuardDog itself won't really prevent anyone from messing with the phone, but it certainly makes a statement, and it'll definitely let you know if anyone's snooping while your back is turned.

The best feature of iGuardDog, in my humble opinion, is that ten percent of the proceeds from the application will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other local animal shelters. As iGuardDog's info page reminds users, every year 8-12 million companion animals enter animal shelters; of those, approximately 60 percent of the dogs and 70 percent of the cats are ultimately euthanized.

One improvement I would love to see to iGuardDog would be more options for guard dogs. Currently you can choose Pro (the dog in the screencap above) or Trainee (a couple of puppies). I think it would be fun to have a larger selection of breeds, so you could choose to have your iPhone protected by a loyal Labrador, a big Great Dane or even a frisky little Scottie. Also: if your iPhone is sitting unattended long enough to go into sleep mode, it disarms iGuardDog. I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed, but if possible, it would be nice to have it activate once the phone is woken up.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Brandon Trent

    If you are an iPhone user and would like a coupon for a free download of iGuardDog, please email us at iGuardDog@hotmail.com. Thanks.