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iheartnewmusic iphone appHow much time do you have? iHeartNewMusic offers an endless list of new music you can stream from blogs on the web.

There are people who search the web for music, and people who don’t. iHeartNewMusic from Scafell Software is for people who have an insatiable need for new music. With countless links, you could spend days, nay, weeks listening to iHeartNewMusic and probably never hear the same thing twice. Or if you do want to hear the same thing twice, you can add a music blog to your Favorites list.

iHeartNewMusic has music blogs sorted by music type, or you can search the web with Skreemr, an mp3 search engine. Unfortunately, Skreemr kept freezing up on me. iHeartNewMusic also offers a list of music blog aggregators to steer you in the right direction.

The question about how much time you have not only relates to how much there is to explore, but also to iHeartNewMusic’s slightly confusing interface. When I click on a link to the blog, it takes time for the blog to load but there is no sign that it is loading. I am left wondering, is it working? When the site does finally load, you will eventually figure out that the mp3s from that site are sitting in the iHeartNewMusic’s Tunes folder waiting for you. Sometimes. Other times, nothing happens.

Interested buyers, please note that you need a Wi-Fi connection to stream music with the iHeartNewMusic app. Just like Safari, iHeartNewMusic can be painfully slow as it scours the web, but it is worth waiting for if you are a music lover. Once you have some tunes in your Tunes folder, they stream seamlessly. Make sure you add the good sites to your Favorites, because the Tunes folder empties out when you close iHeartNewMusic.

iHeartNewMusic is like a giant, unexplored forest. It’s exciting, but it is easy to get lost. You will need a guide, or at least some tools, and my hope is that iHeartNewMusic will provide some tips in the future. For music buffs who have time to fearlessly explore, iHeartNewMusic will be an exciting adventure.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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