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Developer: Howard Cohen
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ihomepage iphone appIn its own way, Timefold's iHomePage, is sort of a Web page design app. The difference between this app and a real Web page designer is that iHomePage is used to replicate a home page — yours, or someone else's — and access elements of that page all from one screen.

Now that I think of it, iHomePage is just like looking at a home page in Safari — just not as nice or as accessible.

iHomePage lets a user create a representation of a home page by means of several configurable buttons. At the top, you can install an image of your home page, including its URL (which is displayed at the top of the app's home screen).

Beneath are a row of buttons, which you can configure.

Each button can be labeled or given an icon, and linked to a URL. Tap a button labeled "FAQ," for example, and iHomePage will transport you to the real FAQ on your home page.

You also have the option of choosing a foreground and background color for your iHomePage.

The app is simple to use, that's for sure. All of its features are self-evident.

The problem is, how useful is iHomePage? Not very, if you ask me. I wouldn't recommend spending $0.99 to do what you already can do using Safari or another more capable app such as Zap Bang Done's Presentor, which I reviewed not long ago (also $0.99).

I haven't seen an app that does exactly what this one will do, and that is essentially to assign buttons with links to a Web page. Still, it's a bit ho-hum app and not a very good looking app at that.

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