iHunt Shoots, Misses, Falls Hopelessly Flat

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Developer: TriggerWave LLC
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If shooting something other than goblins and demons has crossed your mind, you just might try your luck with iHunt. iHunt transports you to scenic places to do your hunting. Choose your weapon a shotgun or a rifle and peer through a scope to shoot your “game”. Use the accelerometer to move your weapon on the screen to shoot your targets. You may choose deer, pheasant, or clay pigeons as your targets. There are four different levels of difficulty to choose from in iHunt easy, medium, hard and impossible.

iHunt should be called target practice. There is not much hunting involved. The extremely fake looking animals float across the screen with very little effort. The sounds are terrible. Shooting a deer makes it shriek like a wet weasel. Furthermore, controlling the weapon is pretty bad. The accelerometer is a very poor way to help users aim at the targets. It’s a challenge to even see your target. Trying to maneuver it with the scope is more annoying than difficult. It almost feels as if you’re trying to shoot your target through a scope while on the choppy high seas. 

The single best part about iHunt are the backgrounds. The backgrounds are interesting, colorful, bright and picturesque.

But, the backgrounds aren’t enough to carry iHunt to the top of my list. The developer should definitely go back to the drawing board on this one. The targets could be more lifelike. The weapons could be a little bit more realistic too. Since it is a game of practice more than hunting updated versions might offer prizes. Avid hunters will notably point out that you can’t shoot a pheasant with a rifle. This type of hit would destroy the entire bird ruining the hunt!

Given the poor sounds, awful graphics and terrible animation, we wouldn’t recommend iHunt.

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  • Fred Krueger

    I agree that the name is a misnomer, but the game is at least amusing -- enough to push it to near the top of the paid app list. I think the score of 1/10 is too harsh