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iJuggles Nanimals
Developer: Day Go By Entertainment
Price: $48.99 Download on the App Store

ijuggles-nanimalsThe sky isn’t falling but the animals are. iJuggles Nanimals is a playfully addictive game that involves plenty of hand and eye coordination.

iJuggles Nanimals is actually two games rolled into one, Juggle and Balloon Bounce.

Juggle is a game where the goal is to tap the hamster balls to keep them from touching the ground. If they hit the ground too many times you lose the game. There are three different levels each progressively more difficult than the other. In Juggle, each of the levels adds more hamsters in a ball frenetically moving all over the screen. The longer you keep the all going the more points you’re able to earn.

The second game is Balloon Bounce. You have to tap to the screen to toss a water balloon at the falling pigs. Again, as you increase the levels the amount of pigs increases.

You can’t avoid the nice rich colors and animated cartoon scenery. The graphics are simple and fun. The hamsters are your standard brown furry fair and the audio is pretty authentic. Pigs squeal and Hamster’s screech as they hit the ground.

If you’re an adult looking for endless hours of entertainment iJuggles Nanimals isn’t the game for you. On the other hand kids 8-11 will probably be delighted. The app is priced at $0.99, and for a long car ride it's a dollar well spent.

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  • Derek Moore

    Great for a brainless mindfill

  • kgbjk

    Its funny how a game designed for a child 8 years old to 11 years old can still be enjoyed by a legal adult ....even 30 years later hahah

  • futureminded

    It's great how that works isn't it =)