iKeno: Classic Numbers Game Moves to the iPhone, But It's Still All About Chance

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Developer: Mundue LLC
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iKeno iPhone gameWith more than 20,000 applications in the App Store, it’s never long before a classic game we haven’t seen in ages pops up. iKeno is a mobile version of the popular Keno game found in sports bars, bowling alleys, pubs and bingo halls and even some state lotteries around the world.

Like many versions of the game, in iKeno you choose 10 numbers on the board from 1 to 80. If you’re unsure of the numbers you’d like to choose there is a Quick Pick option.

iKeno then randomly chooses ten numbers. The fun part is you can bet. You can wager from 1 to 5 tokens per game. You’ll win based on how many correct numbers you match. With a little bit or a whole lot of luck you’ll begin to see your winnings increase as you play more often and other numbers appear on the screen. 

iKeno is a fun app because its easy to play and you decide what you’d like to bet and how many numbers you’d like to play. With iKeno You don’t have to get all ten numbers to win points but the more accurate you are the higher your score. There are over 50 levels to test your skills.

iKeno has an easy to read interface with great moving graphics. The sound effects are good but if you decide you want to turn them off there is a quick button to toggle the sound. Although, it did freeze once or twice while the computer was randomly choosing numbers, iKeno seems pretty stable for the most part.

IKeno is great but it would be nicer to see a few more user options. Anyone that gambles usually wants the ability to up their wager. An increase in the amount available to bet would be a welcome option. It would also be nice to have the option to speed up those balls and to change the background.

iKeno is perfect for trips where there is plenty of waiting — or maybe for warming up on the long drive to Vegas.

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