iKoto Is a Wonderful Japanese Harp Simulator

iKoto (AppStore Link)
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Developer: GClue
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If you liked Pocket Guitar, you will love iKoto, a beautifully designed iPhone rendition of the traditional Japanese stringed instrument.

Released yesterday, with only one review on the App Store, iKoto is easy to miss. We thank Akira, from GClue, Inc, a spin off of the University of Aizu located a few hours north of Tokyo, for directing the app to our attention.

The app sets a new standard in aesthetic balance. From the opening shot, where the traditional shoji door opens to reveal falling cherry blossoms, top the instrument itself, which unlike pocket guitar plays easily with one hand -- the standards are kept very high. A record and playback feature allows you to create your own Japanese melodies, with a built-in demo tune of "Rokudan No Shirabe", a traditional tune that feels like it was straight out of "Kill Bill".

According to the developers: "We have worked on development of applications for mobile phones since 2000.  We have a rich development record of applications for i-Appli, S!Appli, BREW, Flash Light Appli.  Based on abundant development know how, we specifically plan, develop and distribute applications based on {iPhone, Android} x Cloud Computing."

We eagerly await new apps from this group, and from Japan in general...

Image Gallery: iKoto

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