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I'm Coming
Developer: giuseppe andrea morreale
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I'm ComingI’m Coming is handy little app with a single, clever function. Once you figure out what it is and what it does, you’ll begin to realize countless applications. So, what does I’m Coming do?

I’m Coming is part GPS, part map, and part SMS and e-mail client. To use I’m Coming, first choose a destination in the Route Manager part of the app. Next, after the Google-powered map shows a route from your current location to that destination, choose a point along the route. Once this point is set, write a message and choose a recipient from your built-in contacts list. With a few more tweaks, hit the road. At the designated part of your journey, I’m Coming will send the pre-written message.

There’s lots you can do with I’m Coming. For example, if you plan to visit some friends for dinner, you can have I’m Coming automatically alert them when you’re five minutes away. That way, there’s no need to take your eyes off the road and fumble with your iPhone. If you put your own e-mail address or phone number as the recipient, you can have I’m Coming remind you to pick up some paper towels when you pass that grocery store on the way back from work. Or, on a commuter train ride, I’m Coming can wake you up when you’re a couple stops away from home. The list goes on and on.

While this might sound complicated, I’m Coming makes it easy. The startup screen shows three basic option: Route Manager, Message Log, and Setup. Route Manager lets you either save a new route or pick an old favorite, Message Log lets you compose a new message or choose an old one, and Setup is self-explanatory. At the top of the screen is an On/Off switch. Throw the switch to activate I’m Coming, and it will even work in the background after the app has closed.

I’m Coming is a young app, and at places its a little rough around the edges. For example, there’s no way to delete old routes from within the list in the Route Manager. To do that, the user must tap the route to load it, then tap the little trash can icon at the bottom. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, and really ought to be replaced with the standard swipe-to-delete function adopted by so many other apps.

Minor imperfections aside, I’m Coming might just earn a coveted place on your home screen. I’m Coming is a scant $0.99, and recommended for anyone who does a fair amount of commuting.

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  • sagat

    I bought "I'm coming" after reading this review. Great idea! I like the way "I'm coming" works.. It has nice gui, it is solid app.

  • skinky

    I have been in need of such an application! thx!

  • http://tech.cebuaccess.com/ vincentt

    does this works offline?

  • mobijay

    Hi vincentt,
    I'm coming works offline only in sms mode.

    For email sending you need an internet connection.