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IM+ Pro
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IM for iPhoneThere seems to be a new chat program popping up every other month and old screen names we can’t get rid of. In today’s chat market it’s hard to find a good utility or an app that offers total integration between all of the old programs that have emerged over the years and the new ones. IM+ offers users the opportunity to combine their AOL, YAHOO, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ and MySpace instant message screen names and buddies all in one place.

Using IM+ is intuitive. From the settings tab it’s pretty easy to add accounts. In this menu you may turn any one of your added messenger programs on or off with the tap of the screen. IM+ lets users update their status in four different ways by appearing online, away, invisible or offline. Hit the inbox button and you’ll be given a list of your instant messages by your friends screen names in a folder style. If you tap on any screen name you’ll be able to see instant messages and type out a response. Checking out your contacts is easy because a simple button at the bottom of your screen shows everyone who’s online in alphabetical order. 

While IM + has good intentions by combining all of the most common instant message programs. It does have some points of improvement. The biggest problem is organization. It lists every contact from each of the instant message programs in alphabetical order automatically. But there isn’t an icon of any sort that distinguishes the instant message client. It does have an easy two -step touch slide delete option but things can become a bit convoluted if you have a large buddy list.

The other problem with IM+ is that you can’t tell user status. If someone is using a mobile phone or if they’re “away” there’s no official way to differentiate between them.

Among the many problems that might be seen as a potential downside to this app is the fact that the app is $4.99. It hardly seems justifiable to many people who are used to free instant messaging programs that are loaded with tons more features ie video chat, file sharing etc.

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