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ImageTouch HD
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Image Touch for iPhoneIf you are someone who likes a bit more from their photo presentation, ImageTouch 2 by Intellicore might be exactly what you are looking for. ImageTouch lets you arrange the photos you have on your iPhone or iPod touch into little collages that you can send to your friends and family from wherever you may be.

Making a collage is easy, just click "New Collage" and you will automatically be taken to your Camera Roll and Photo Library where you can choose the first picture.

Once you choose a photo, it will be put into your collage where you can move it around, re-size it or rotate it as you see fit. Doing this is easy, just touch the image with two fingers and spread it out or bring it in until you have the size you want. You have to use two fingers to rotate it as well. Once you have the image in place you can choose another photo by hitting the small "+" on the bottom left of the screen. You can add as many photos as you like, one after another, and each one will fall on top of the next.

For the most part ImageTouch is really user-friendly and fun. It lets you produce great collages using your photos and it has festive clip art that you can incorporate. It even has some options when it comes to the shading and boarder of your photos.

Also, thanks to a comment from ctz, I must admit that I was initially mistaken in thinking that the app did not allow photos to be moved forward from the back. If you want to move a photo up from the back you can do so by simply double tapping it.

ImageTouch will also organize your collages in a few different ways. You can find your collage by Date, or, based on the information you put in when you Save your collage, you can find it based on the the location the images were taken (ie. Hollywood, Hawaii, New York). You can add a Tag for a more personal touch.

ImageTouch is a real steal for the price. Making collages is fast and fun, and you can even send your collages to friends and family without having to leave the app. It is thoughtfully designed on every level so that even when you choose to view your collage it drops the photos in one at a time in a kind of slide show presentation instead of just showing it as is. Basically, if you like collages, then ImageTouch is for you.

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  • ctz

    " you cannot bring a photo from the back to the front and vice versa. This means that the photo you choose first will remain at the bottom unless you decide to erase it and then choose it again from your Library or Camera Roll."

    => this is WRONG ! Just doble tap a photo and it brings it from the back to the front

  • Elizabeth

    Is there a way to become a content writer for the site?