iMprint - approaching new levels of lame


The opening screen of iMprint pretty much speaks for itself:

“The idea of this application is to stare at the optical illusions and pictures for a couple of seconds.  After this, you may or may not see the illusion.  This app is for fun, seeing how the images are interpreted differently on different peoples brains.”

Ok let me be frank here, this program is not worth the download time.

First, there are only four different pictures at which to stare.
Second, these brain teaser stare-screens stopped being cool back in 1991.
Third, I think most people are already tired of staring at computer screens all day.

The instructions above say that, “you may or may not see the illusion.”  All I have to say is that If I take the minute and a half out of my life to stare at a computer screen and get more radiation burn on my eyes, I better be guaranteed to witness an illusion.

This game isn’t just not fun; it makes you wish you had done something more constructive with your life for that time, like taking a roundhouse kick to the cranium.

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  • Glordis Druds

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