Nine Inch Nails in Deal With Tapulous. Are Single Artist Apps Next?


nine inch nails - tapulous

Trent Reznor, the leader of Nine Inch Nails, will distribute his last two albums in a special Nine Inch Nails themed version of Tap Tap Revenge. This opens the door to the possibility of specific apps for individual artists, where avid fans would have access to tour dates, new music releases, video out-takes and other material.

In today's declining CD world, the monetization potential of the iPhone for dedicated music fans is something both indie and major labels should seriously consider.

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    I think it would be great if you could download compatible songs from iTunes and play them on Tapulous. I understand Tapulous would have to build out the songs in the game but if you had an option to buy music to play it would end up being a lot like xbox live and rock band, only you would have the song to listen to on your iTunes.

  • Nite Owl

    From "I wanna f*** you like an animal" to NIN licensed versions of Tap Tap Revenge. What has the world come to?