IncinviBall Could Use Stronger Game Play

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One of the fun things about playing Croquet or Bocce is getting to smash another player's ball to kingdom come. When I first laid eyes on Proton Studio's InvinciBall I thought it might be just as fun in the smash department as one of those two games.

The object is to use your InvinciBall to knock around your rivals while keeping yourself from getting punted off a small playing surface into the blue yonder. You move your ball by dragging with one finger and stop using two fingers.

You can play one of three games:

In Classic, park your your InvinciBall on a scoring zone and see how long you can stay there while blue InvinciBalls try to knock you out of the zone. In Survival, it's a free-for-all. The last ball standing wins. In Territory, you earn points every time you roll over a scoring zone. First to 50 points wins. All three versions have easy-medium-hard levels.

My Invinciball started rolling alright, but coming to a controlled stop was difficult. Having to use one or two fingers to move and stop your ball blocks your view of the playing field and that hinders game play.

The game looks better than it plays. Although it's not easy to win, it's ho-hum. After you play it a few times, you get the "been there, done that" blues. The music was monotonous and the only way to get rid of it is to turn down the iPhone's volume.

When I first looked at the game, I assumed it used tilt control, but it doesn't. That might help make InvinciBall a better game. I can see how a multi-player mode also would make the game more fun to play  but I'm not convinced that would be enough.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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