Indie Game Dev Festival Taps Fieldrunners for Best Game


fieldrunners wins best game at igfThe iPhone and iPod touch swept the second annual Independent Games Festival Mobile at the Games Developer Conference, which is currently underway in San Francisco.

Subatomic Studios' tower defense title Fieldrunners nabbed the top award for best game overall. Field Runners also garnered a second prize for Achievement in Art award.

The title has won a number of other awards in the past year.

iPhone and iPod touch platforms dominated every category, although the contest was open to all platforms including mobile handsets, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

The winners share $30,000 in prizes across seven categories, including Innovation in Mobile Game Design, Achievement in Art, Technical Achievement, Audio Achievement and Best Game overall. IGF added two new categories this year: Best iPhone Game and Next Great Mobile Game.

IGF Mobile Awards partnered with ngmoco:) to give a special tip of the hat and $10,000 to Secret Exit's Zen Bound for the Best iPhone Game. Zen Bound also captured the Audio Achievement award.

Firemint's Real Racing, which launches next month, won the award for Technical Achievement.

Hassey Enterprises' Galcon captured the Innovation in Mobile Game Design prize.

Platinum and Founding Sponsor Nvidia presented The Next Great Mobile Game award to Team Reflection's Reflection for the  Nintendo DS.

“The amazing games at IGF Mobile have proven that the mobile platforms are an exciting test bed for unique and engaging gameplay experiences,” says Mathew Kumar, IGF Mobile Content Director. “With emergent platforms like iPhone and iPod touch fueling further innovation, we’re already seeing some truly creative developments and we can’t wait to see what surprises these talented developers have in stock for the future.”

Here's a list of winners:

  • IGF Mobile Best Game: Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) - iPhone/iPod touch
  • Innovation In Mobile Game Design: Galcon (Hassey Enterprises) - iPhone/iPod touch
  • Achievement In Art: Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) - iPhone/iPod touch
  • Technical Achievement: Real Racing (Firemint) - iPhone/iPod touch
  • Audio Achievement: Zen Bound (Secret Exit) - iPhone/iPod touch
  • The Next Great Mobile Game: Reflection (Team Reflection) - Nintendo DS
  • Best iPhone Game, presented by ngmoco:) - Zen Bound (Secret Exit) - iPhone/iPod touch

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