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Indigo Ocho
Developer: Axolotl Studios LLC
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indigo ocho iphoneIndigo Ocho - Mazes are one of the oldest forms of puzzles in the world. For literally thousands of years, people have worked to follow paths through mazes and labyrinths, making false starts and wrong turns, sometimes getting trapped, always trying to find their way to the end. Indigo Ocho by Axolotl Studios is simply one of the most recent incarnations.

In Indigo Ocho, players join forces with the title character: a blue 8-ball named Indigo Ocho (appropriate!), who's working his way out of a twist-and-turn-filled tower, and trying to destroy said tower on the way out. Somehow, this is supposed to save the world. I'm not entirely sure how — I haven't beaten the game yet, so this might make more sense later. Regardless, the storyline here is not at all the point, of course.

Like several other maze games I've seen, Indigo Ocho uses the accelerometer of the iPhone to allow users to navigate through the maze. Simply tilt the iPhone and guide Indigo Ocho through the level and along to his next goal.

Of course, it's never as easy as just guiding Indigo Ocho through the maze. It's a twisted game, Indigo Ocho. While the first few levels are pretty ridiculously, deceptively easy (I literally sort of jostled my phone on the first level and beat it completely accidentally), once you get a few levels in, it starts getting a little trickier. After the first handful of basic levels are cleared, there's a new addition to the mazes — positive and negatively charged balls (marked with a "+" or "-") that Indigo Ocho must first bump into to activate, and then guide into an oppositely-charged ball in order to make them explode and clear his path to the level's goal.

Aside from the regular game play mode, which features 35 levels of increasing difficulty, there's also an option to "run the gauntlet!" — a free play mode which offers hundreds of puzzle options.

Indigo Ocho is definitely fun, and the graphics are lovely. If you're into mazes or just like games that make use of some of the iPhone's more unusual features, it's definitely worth a look.

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