Inferno Pool a New Twist on Billiards Apps

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Inferno Pool is a game about how fast you can sink a group of fiery-looking pool balls into the table's pockets. Inferno Pool is quite a challenge as you race against a clock to clear the table. But because the game is so different from more traditional pool apps it may leave you wanting more.

Infero Pool's interface is pretty easy to navigate in order to select what particular game mode you want to play. Inferno Pool gives you the option to play against an opponent or solo. There are also two separate modes - easy (four balls) or hard (nine balls). To make a shot, you slide your finger back and then release. You also have the option of changing the angle to get a better shot.

The touch screen responsiveness in Inferno Pool was decent, but it did not match the effectiveness of other options, such as Midnight Pool. Expect to have to practice quite a bit before you feel comfortable taking on more challenging levels.

Inferno is not a regular game of pool. It is speed pool, where you must make your shots in a mad race against the clock. As you try and finish, more pool balls begin to slowly appear; making your task more difficult. If you are playing an opponent, every shot you make means another ball dropped on their table. It made the app quite challenging, as the touchiness of the interface made it difficult to move around and make shots quickly.

But while Inferno Pool had some upsides, it could not come close to the excellent Midnight Pool. Fans of real-life pool or other pool apps will probably find Inferno Pool's gameplay unappealing. It would be like taking on a video game of football and only having to fire flaming footballs through a torch-laden tire.

The thrill of improving your skill in life-like pool competition is not there in Inferno Pool. But if you want a unique pool-type challenge, this may be the game for you.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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