Infofission offers two apps that change how we take notes


It's all about the details. At least Matt Klosterman thinks so. Klosterman is the head of Kansas based Infofission, a small company that he runs with his wife Sheila. He is an amateur photographer who daylights as a computer application developer.

Klosterman doesn't mind developing applications he finds particularly useful, especially in a climate where game applications are hugely popular. A self-described Apple enthusiast who enjoys applications like GuitarToolKit, Stanza, Pandora and Showtimes he has developed some pretty interesting "productivity" apps — PhotoJot and 44 Jots.

PhotoJot is an app that allows photogs to quickly note details about their photos. Amateurs and professional's can record details like; date/time, location; types of camera used with notes or leave a voice clip and add reference pics. But this detailed photo assistant is apparently just the beginning. There will be a version 1.1 in a couple of weeks that will allow users to download GPX (gps exchange format) and KML (Google Earth).

If you don't have time to tap a note into your calendar, 44 Jots might be just what the developer ordered!

44 Jots allows you to leave yourself a "multimedia" reminder. Jog your memory by leaving yourself a nice detailed note, take a picture or record a voice message. The goal of 44 Jots is to allow users to quickly record a "to do" and see what's up next. For those of you that have a bad memory and are poorly organized get this. 44 Jot organizes those notes into groups based on time and location. Users will also be able to sync that application up with their calendars and online photo services. Klosterman says "Future versions of the application will run with Apple's push notification service." While 44 Jots might seem like most practical for business types. We think 44 Jots might prove to be more heavily utilized by the high school and college student population.

Klosterman frequently use the applications and claims to have as many as 15 to 25 notes in 44 Jots at a time. He says he is pleased with his sales thus far. Although, the $2.99 price tag for 44 Jots and $4.99 for PhotoJot might be a detractor in a segment filled with so many free apps. It is encouraging that later versions of the app will allow users to sync up their data with popular sites like Flickr and SmugMug, iPhoto, Lightroom and Aperture.

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  • TheRealGomez

    Im wondering how much the new version of PhotoJot 1.1 will be. Anybody know?

  • Macy F

    It seems like a pointless feature to have the latitude and longitude refernce.

  • Matt Klosterman

    The regular price for PhotoJot is $4.99. It is currently on sale for $2.99 until version 1.1 is released.

    Macy F:
    The latitude and longitude reference are designed so that you can accurately geocode images that you take on photo shoots. When you upload your photos to a site like SmugMug or Flickr you have the ability to geocode them and place them on the map. Granted a latitude or longitude reference is not all that helpful if you are in an urban area with numerous streets and other locations as landmarks, but have the GPS provided latitude or longitude is very helpful if you are in rural area (lots of those in Kansas) or are extremely picky about getting the location accurate. For those who aren't interested in the latitude/longitude display, version 1.1 replaces it with a map. Beyond just having the map version 1.1 also will reverse geocode your location to a City/State or even to the nearest physical address (US only). Current customers are welcome to send an email to if they are interested in participating in a beta release of 1.1 or other future versions.

  • Berto

    I will download -- in hopes this will help make me a BETTER photographer ;-)

  • photojot

    "Infofission offers two apps that change how we take notes" - Appcraver.