Ingot is a Puzzler That May be too Hard for Some Players

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Developer: Cody Ashby
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Ingot for iPhoneIngot is a puzzle game where the goal is to destroy the green blocks on the screen and avoid destroying the black blocks. You must set off the other eight block types in your quest to complete the level and get the highest score.

When the waves of blocks fall towards the bottom of the grid tap the screen strategically to make them disappear in order to earn more points. In Ingot there are 2 modes. Puzzle Mode where the object is simple, clear the level. Fever mode where the object is to destroy as many green blocks as possible and avoid as many black blocks as possible. You may only destroy 3 black blocks before it's game over. Fever is a race against time. You can’t destroy too many black blocks or let too many green blocks make it to the end of the grid. 

Ingot has 20 levels of game play which could hold the casual gamers attention for a little bit. It also has great graphics and sounds. The biggest problem with Ingot is there are 10 different block types. Even though there is a key in the instruction menu that tells you what each of them does it can be hard to remember during game play, which is ultimately too distracting. This is especially true when you start to get to the higher levels in Puzzle Mode. Depending on how well you complete each level you’ll be given one of five different ranks.

Comparing Ingot to similar puzzle games like Collapse Chaos. There are some notable things missing that would surely improve game play. Ingot doesn’t tell you anything about your stats. You don’t know how accurate your being, how fast it’s taking you to complete the level. It feels kind of arbitrary even though it may very well not be. Ingot also doesn’t really feel like a challenge to have 20 levels when you can go straight to level 20 without having to beat the other levels first.

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