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iNinja Lite
Developer: Geppetto Inc.
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ininja lite iphone appGeppetto Inc.'s iNinja Lite is a thoroughly addictive game of staving off opposing ninjas with while mastering one's own ninja skills.

The App Store description boasts the game's physics engine and high frame rate. Geppetto Inc. delivers with a fantastic, fluid game that plays with ease and excitement.

Survival Mode, a first-person game, is the primary play in iNinja lite, though an option to fight via a Wi-Fi connection against another player is also available: a thrilling tease to be lured into purchasing the paid version of iNinja.

Shuriken, throwing stars, are at the user's disposal with an easy flick of the screen, to deflect oncoming attacks and knock enemies off of their gliders. "Players can also set off various one-hit-kill traps of green balls," according to the developer, though I had difficulty mastering this tactic. Luckily, I didn't seem to need it.

iNinja Lite's solitary downfall is a lack of instructions that has to be compensated for with a bit a of trial and error. Instead of a Help screen, tips are doled out during gameplay. Here's our ninja-fighting strategy:

Move quickly and repeatedly to release a barrage of throwing stars is a successful strategy for keeping enemies subdued and preventing knives from being launched your way. If an enemy manages to attempt an attack, tap the knives to keep them from landing a blow. A punctuated flash of red over the screen will alert you if you've been wounded.

Suspend the throwing star in iNinja Lite to cause it to, " become bigger, sharper, and spin at a faster speed," a tip instructed me after a round, "charged shots have high attack power, taking out enemies with one hit and moving massive metal objects easily." This effect can be compounded in a "Double Charge Shot," in which one throwing star is built up but not launched, then another is then built up to create maximum impact — "the most lethal weapon in the game," it promises.

I enjoyed the way iNinja Lite moves unexpectedly through the levels. Without any fanfare or loss of momentum, subtle changes occur as the user progresses through each round, but don't stop and start gameplay. For example, reach a new level and obstacles such as orbs that deflect the player's throwing stars may appear. In another round, a rotating barricade protects the airborne enemies, then modifies into a chain across the screen in another. An auto save feature in iNinja Lite assures that the user begins from where the game last left off, as well.

iNinja is an exponentially user-friendly application.  After the basics are established, every facet of iNinja Lite is a pleasure.

See how ninjas use the iPhone on YouTube:

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  • Yoshi

    Hi, I'm Yoshiyuki who developped this game.

    Thank you for the review.
    As you said. I figured out it really missed instructions!

    So I've added the instructions for new version(2.0) and it outs today!

    Please try to play "iNinja" too!

  • valon

    shum e mire