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Inner Beauty Meter
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Inner Beauty Meter for iOSApple’s App Store has a vast library of applications for almost any need you could have for your iOS devices. Many of those apps help make our lives easier by providing organization, education and up to the minute access to the world around us. But sometimes as consumers we need an app to provide some light-hearted fun. If you are looking to add a bit of silliness to your life, then the Inner Beauty Meter by the developers at Mcgrew Unltd is just the app for you.

The Inner Beauty Meter is an app that reads your “inner character” by scanning a picture of you and rating your inner beauty. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself or upload a pre-existing one from your camera roll. The Inner Beauty Meter allows you to easily do both from within the app.

The Inner Beauty Meter has six ratings: dumb, lazy, loser, winner, attractive and unattractive. But don’t feel bad if you get a less than flattering rating. The app’s charm comes from the sarcastic and snappy assessments it gives your pictures.

When I first tried out the Inner Beauty Meter I knew nothing about it, so I spent about five minutes searching through my camera roll looking for the best picture of myself I could find. I even combed my hair and took a few pictures, so I could get the best rating possible (I may care a bit too much about what iOS apps have to say about me, I may be traumatized by Siri).

The Inner Beauty Meter assessed my picture and gave this rating:

"Dumb: you canceled your Twitter account because you were scared that people were following you."

I scanned a few other pictures and received some interesting responses from the Inner Beauty Meter:

Unattractive: "When you walk in a bank, they turn off all the surveillance cameras."

Loser: "If you think things can’t get worse it’s probably only because you lack imagination."

Winner: "Winning is like rain and you are a storm."

Lazy: "A train station is where the train stops. A bus station is where the bus stops. On your desk, is there a work station?"

The Inner Beauty Meter gives different responses for each picture it scans and most of them are sarcastic. If you are looking for an app to throw a few compliments your way, this is probably not for you. But you if you are looking for a casual prank or a bit of snark, the Inner Beauty Meter is a great way to fill idle time, you might even learn a few new insults along the way.

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