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Yahoo Search
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inquisitor iphoneYahoo! Search for iPhone is a speedy mobile search app that enables you to get where you're going to on the Web —pronto.

Enter a term into the search bar and Yahoo! Search will start suggesting sites as you type. From the list of search terms, tap the term that's closest to the one you're looking for, and you'll get a list of Web sites, each with a few words that describe the site.

If there's recent news related to the term you've entered in the search bar, you'll see a number of news items at the top of screen. Tap anywhere on the news area and you'll go to a list of sites featuring the latest news, whether it's from NASDAQ or a daily newspaper.

Tap the site you want and Inquisitor will load the home page in miniature, yet large enough for you to see if it's the site you're looking for. You'll also get a more complete description of the site, using content that is pulled from the site's description meta tag.

Tap the arrow icon on the bottom menu bar and you have the options of opening the page in Safari, reloading the page or emailing the site's URL. If it's not the site you want, tap the back arrow icon to return to your list of sites and try again.

If you scroll through the list of search sites to the bottom, you'll find a short list of related sites, without descriptions, that will help you further narrow your search. For example, I ran a search on AppCraver and the app popped up the sites you might  expect such as, and At the bottom of the list I found appcraver industry, appcraver santa monica and so on.

Yahoo! Search doesn't come with help so you might not think to check preferences for the app under iPhone or iPod touch Settings. There, you'll find options for auto-correction, country, number of search results, safe search, search history and "shake to clear." You have the option of setting your search results between 5 and 20 (the default is 10). Shaking the phone clears the list of sites and brings you back to the launch screen.

There are a couple of features I really like about Yahoo! Search. The first is that the app saves your search history so you can return to any site without having to re-type it into the search bar. You have the option of clearing your search history as well.

The second thing that really appeals to me is that you can enter your search terms into the bar in landscape mode, which makes life far simpler for anyone who has difficulty entering text in portrait mode.

Yahoo! Search does exactly as its name implies. Best of all, it's free.

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