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Insider Trades
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insider trades-iphoneInsider Trades seeks to be a go-to source for keeping tabs on your stock portfolio. With detailed company information and an easy-to-navigate interface it is a good addition for the financially savvy or those just getting started with watching the market.

Where Insider Trades excels is in the breadth of information available on each company. There is a trade history, a complete list and individual profile of each company's directors, updated stock prices as well as some useful graphics. Turning the iPhone or iPod touch to landscape mode reveals a more detailed line graph of the company's stock performance.

The strongest feature is a glossary that contains numerous stock market-specific terms. Want to know what a discount certificate is? How about a PDMR? They can all be found in the glossary.

Adding companies to your profile is easy with the search feature. Just search for any company that you wish to track, tap on their name and it is added to the watch list.

In fact the only thing that could make Insider Trades better would be a wider dose of business news. I often find that after checking out company performance it would be handy to glance at headlines about what is going on with Fortune 500 companies as well as other general business news. Also, some of the headlines could be a bit more finger-friendly. For example when viewing a company profile the section of "latest significant trades" is squeezed onto the bottom of the screen with small horizontal bars.

As of yet Insider Trades does not make use of the fast-app switching or Retina Display graphics. This really only is an issue if you use the multitasking feature - after leaving the app you will return again to the latest 50 bulletins start screen.

Insider Trades is very useful for monitoring companies and watching the market. While it probably will not meet all of your trading or business analysis needs it is a useful tool to have.

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