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Instablast for iPhone screenshotSocial media is beginning to take over our lives. If you happen to stay off of your favorite social media outlet for a few hours it’s almost impossible to catch up. If your social media feed is just a mess, Instablast might be the app for you.

Instablast is a notification tool that works for Instagram and will send push notifications to your iPhone informing you when your favorite Instagramers have a new post. It will help sort through your Instagram account so you won’t miss any important posts.

Instablast is easy to use- all you have to do is log in through Instagram and then decide which users you would like to receive notifications for, and once they post a new picture you will instantly receive one. The app works for your iPhone as well as iPad.

Instablast makes managing your account so much easier. Now you won’t have to spend as much time checking your Instagram feed or if you happen to be away from your phone, you will have all the important posts waiting for you when you get back. 

Instablast also lets you sort through the users you are following alphabetically or by the date you started to follow them.

The app is simple and does not have too many features but it does its job well, by managing your Instagram so you won’t have to sort through endless photos. My favorite thing about the Instablast app is that it helps to ensure that you won’t miss the important Instagram post from my family or friends. I follow so many people that many times I will miss the pictures that are most important too me. When I was using the app I was away from my phone for a few hours and when I returned I had push notifications for all the important post waiting for me.

Instablast is one of those apps that you won’t really notice because it does it job quietly and efficiently. But when you have a hectic schedule, those apps that can make your life easier are the best kind.

If you are obsessed with Instagram and follow so many people that you sometimes get lost in the large number of posts throughout the day, then I would completely recommend Instablast to you. It makes following users on Instagram so much easier and more efficient.

Overall I love it app and think it helpful, easy to use and simply makes managing Instragram a lot easier.

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