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LiPix Pro- Photo Collage, Picture Editor, Pic Effects Editing App for Instagram (AppStore Link)
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LiPix Pro- Photo Collage, Picture Editor, Pic Effects Editing App for Instagram
Developer: Adam Wu
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

InstaFrame ProIf you’re an iPhone photography enthusiast or simply love to create and share edited, framed photos with friends and family, then checking out InstaFrame is a must. For a limited time, InstaFrame Pro is just .99 and that gets you the full-feature version of this simple-to-use photography app ideal for framing single or multiple photos, applying photo effects and captioning. InstaFrame Pro has dozens of layouts, frames, effects and fonts and lets users adjust and customize photos and then quickly and easily share them via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email or Flickr.

InstaFrame Pro has over 50 layouts, 30 different borders and 29 font choices. Users can easily manipulate photos within a framed layout, adjust border size, round corners, apply text and adjust font, size and color as well as apply photo effects to individual photos within a framed layout. Being fairly comprehensive, InstaFrame Pro gives users the ability to combine photos and create clever layouts worth sharing and saving.

InstaFrame Pro is definitely a strong app right out of the gate. It’s full-featured and easy to use. Framing and captioning takes virtually no time at all – simply select a layout and background border, tap the empty spaces to select a photo from your library and then tweak the extras. The captioning and text editing feature in InstaFrame Pro is one of the better ones I’ve seen. You simply enter the text, then select a font (which is displayed with your text in scroll wheel fashion), choose a color and resize and drag the text box into place.

The other prominent features of InstaFrame Pro such as applying photo effects, panning and zooming are all relatively intuitive - especially if you’ve tinkered with photo apps before. But even newbies will catch on to InstaFrame’s design and interface quickly. One advantage of InstaFrame that is missing in some comparable apps is the ability to return to the home screen to reselect a background border without losing the selected images. Once you’re satisfied with your final photo, sharing virtually any which way you want is just a tap away.

For price and value, InstaFrame Pro is a deal – especially at just .99. There is a free version, but with less features and options, so going with the paid version at the sale price is the best bet. Anyone looking for a way to group, edit or caption photos before uploading and sharing to social media can’t go wrong with InstaFrame.

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  • Fran

    Does anyone know if you can resize the output of this frame in either the free or pro version ? I can only get a 500px image out and would to be able to get a larger frame out.

  • Kate

    Hi there.
    I'm trying to find out the font names on instaframe. In particular the one that has love hearts as dots for the i.
    I don't suppose anyone knows????

  • Jan

    Can anyone tell me if Instaframe can be used on a PC ... please?