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insure me iphoneInsure Me is an app aimed at helping people find iPhone insurance at a special discounted rate to guard against theft and damage. While theft and damage are both real possibilities for iPhone users, there is such a thing as handset replacement insurance available through your wireless carrier. Using that logic, I approached Insure Me to see if it is offering anything truly special or all that "secret," as it claims.

Insure Me is free to download and then you “simply” enter your first name, location, and email address and submit it. There is a disclaimer that you can read under “Terms” that essentially implies the Insure Me folks “may” be getting compensation for its use. It doesn’t explicitly state whether its compensation in the form of referral compensation or compensation for providing a list of email addresses belonging to a target audience. Since there is no privacy policy included, one could safely assume the email address you provide could be sold. However, in all fairness, it doesn’t ask for any more personal information than a first name.

After submitting the requested information, you are provided a code and redirected to an undisclosed webpage of a company selling insurance for iPad, iPhone, Laptops, and other cell phones. The code is essentially the same as any web coupon code that you type into a given field at the time of purchase. The code is worth a 10% discount and the site does apply the discount when used.

While the company providing the insurance is not a company I’ve ever heard of, there is a 1-800 number provided and the recording at this number states the company has been in the business of insuring personal property for over 35 years, so I’m assuming it’s a legitimate insurance company. In the United States, you can select only one iPhone policy with $300 dollars worth of coverage and a $50 deductible that includes damage protection. The premiums are about the same as the $4.95 handset replacement insurance AT&T offers (at least in my area).

Insure Me seems to be totally on the up and up as far as providing a discount referral code for iPhone insurance. However it's somewhat misleading promising things like "secret" discounts. It’s not all that useful for comparison shopping as it only provides one carrier and one plan to choose from – not much of a choice. It could be beneficial to those who use unlocked iPhones through another carrier other than AT&T that do not provide similar insurance and depending on where you live, the plan offered through Insure Me's referral might save you four or five bucks each year.

In the end, I would still prefer to strike a deal with my wireless carrier and it's a shame that AT&T won't let iPhone owners buy the same wireless insurance they offer for other devices.

So, for those looking to add iPhone insurance for their mobile device, Insure Me points you to a single possibility. I’d certainly be in favor of shopping around, but the app itself costs you nothing to download and there's no obligation to buy. I do wish the app included a privacy policy, though.

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  • Peggy Yelvington

    Get a Free Insurance Discount Code with Insure Me: AppCraver... selling insurance for iPad, iPhone, Laptops, and o...

  • Samuel Liebz

    Thanks for the Review Jennifer. In response to your review we have just put a Privacy policy up on the site to outline that we do not do anything with the app user's details other than send them the details of the discount iPhone insurance in their country. From the Privacy policy...

    "We do not and will not sell, rent or in any way provide the details you enter into the Insure Me iPhone app to any third party. Period.

    The only reason we ask for your name, country and email in the app is to give you the best service to get you the discount codes and info which is right for you. We need to know your country to send you the right iPhone insurance details in your country. We need your email address to email you the link to the discount iPhone insurance – and we need your name because we just thought it would be rude to call you “Dear iPhone app user” in the email. That is all."

    We may well do a comparison app as a separate app or as an update to this one in the future. The main thing we wanted to get done was to get going. To get what we found to be the best iPhone insurance available offered with a discount code / coupon. That is what the Insure Me app, in its current form, is for.

    Another thing we wanted to help people with was to help avoid the hassle of doing comparison shopping - we have done some serious research into the iPhone insurance market and looked at all the major players offerings and assessed them - and hand picked the best in each country as we see it - good cover with proper insurance (not just extended warranty for if it just breaks down - and not just damage cover). We selected the fullest cover possible and available without the customer being charged hugely exorbitant insurance premiums.

    For example, in the US the chosen insurance company provides better (fuller) coverage than AT&T and costs somewhat less. In the US the discount code gives you 10% off. That is the qualification rule for each country - good cover at a discount. These discounts are not available anywhere else - hence the app states them as "secret" apps - no one else offers them.

    The app is not about offering choice so much as the already hand-picked selected best-of-the-best so users don’t have to sit there and decide and get overwhelmed with lots of different insurance policies to read through and bamboozled by.

    That said, if there is enough demand and feedback we can do (and are considering doing) a comparison version, if people want the choice option, rather than a more straight forward ‘This is the best one we found’ type app which Insure Me currently is.