Interesting use of Digital Clock App


iphone digital clock app

Via iPhone Saviour.

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  • TheRealGomez

    Great app, the best thing about it is that you don't have to listen to an annoying sound, you can set a ringtone but still have the visual effects of the large numbers.

  • neverbabs

    Lame. Why should I use my $200 phone as a clock when I can get a digital clock for $9.99 at any store. It looks like an ugly door stop to boot!

  • Neal H

    Well the soothing ringers are better to wake up to to, you can use it on the go because your probably not gonna take your alarm clock to your girlfriends house, cheaper because you simply don't need to purchase an alarm clock all together, and last but not least you don't waste two outlets in the wall.

  • neverbabs

    Hmmm. OK, the outlet-saving feature might be nice. But it's still an ugly implementation. It would be better if I could use my wall paper as a background or something. The iPhone is a gorgeous product... but as a boring digital clock all that beauty is sucked out. Give me some way to personalize it!

  • napolean

    It's not about whether the clock looks good people! it's about yet another innovative way to use your iphone. geez!

  • Neal H

    True...I wouldn't mind a wallpaper in the background but then again the back light would have to shut off after a while, leaving you with just numbers...

  • Sierra275

    Doesn't the iPod Touch come with a clock anyway? And where'd they get the stand? Izzit one of the iPod accessories?

  • greeble

    Yes the iphone/ipod touch does come with a clock and alarm - but you cant shout at it to turn it off!!

    See Voice Controlled Alarm on app store

  • iPhoneOwner

    At the end of the day clocks are a little on the dull side. Check out this super cool App, Doodle Clock , that let's you create your own Digital Clock by drawing or taking pictures.

    As far as landscape clocks go, I just turn my docking station on it's side ;-) It seems to work ok!