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Developer: Armor Games Inc
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InterlockedIf you’re in the market for a truly gratifying puzzle experience at a meager price, then Interlocked is worth a look. It’s based on the ancient concept of wooden block puzzles with interlocking parts and challenges visual logic in a remarkably tactile way for a mobile application.

Developed by Armor Games, Interlocked has a total of 36 puzzles to challenge players and supports Game Center with in-game achievements to boost replay value. Best of all, Interlocked is a relaxing brain-boosting experience with soothing music and responsive integration with the touch screen interface, which adds up to a pleasant and satisfying user experience.

Interlocked allows for a complete 360-degree full 3D view of each puzzle that is easy to maneuver and study. Manipulating each piece of the puzzle is done with a simple tap and drag motion that allows you to disassemble the puzzle one piece at a time. The ultimate goal is to disassemble each one in as few “touches” as possible. Players can rotate and manipulate the entire structure as often they wish, but each touch of a piece in an attempt to remove it counts as a touch. Completion of one puzzle earns a one, two or three star rating and unlocks the next level.

Though Interlocked is a brain-teasing logic game, it is presented in a way that nearly eliminates all frustration and simply embraces the challenge of visual discrimination and logic. Obviously if you don’t enjoy brain teasers and puzzles then the visual and tactile qualities of Interlocked will be lost, but for puzzle fans, this mobile app has great appeal. The only downside is the number of levels included, which is a moderate number, but the game leaves you wanting just a few more. Still, there is some added replay value when you consider the achievements and scoring system.

With a relaxing soundtrack and easy to manipulate touch screen controls, Interlocked is a good game to chill with, especially when you want to relax but not shut down your brain. With every level, the challenge becomes slightly more advanced, but the puzzles are diversified enough that it will rarely, if ever, become too easy or too complex for most players. By requiring just the right balance of visual acuity and logic, Interlocked is an appealing puzzle game. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for just .99, it’s one of the more sophisticated games of its type available in its price range. For a truly engaging puzzle that takes a traditionally tangible concept and converts it to a virtual one with a concrete feel, Interlocked is a worthy purchase.

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