Goodrec - Interview with Mihir Shah CEO


Goodrec - interviewAppCraver recently spoke with Mihir Shah, Goodrec CEO. He answered our questions about developing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

Mihir Shah: June, 2008.

2. What was the inspiration behind your app?

Mihir Shah: There were three things we were looking for but couldn’t find anywhere else. We wanted to know what our friends, the people we trust the most, thought about the places we might go or products we might buy. We wanted a quick way to tell our friends about the great things we discovered, and we also wanted to easily remember recommendations we read about in magazines or discussed over dinner. With our app you can make a recommendation in just seconds, right at the moment of inspiration, and add photos while you are at it. You can also easily find short, to-the-point recommendations from people you trust based on the criteria you care about the most.

3. How did you settle on your price point for the app?

Mihir Shah: Our app is free. We didn’t want our users to have any barriers to getting recommendations from their friends!

4. Roughly how many apps did you sell in the first month of operation?

Mihir Shah: Our app has been in the store since Sept 10th.

5. How did you like the developer tools provided in the iPhone SDK? is there anything missing?

Mihir Shah: The developer tools were very good. We have been developing mobile products for 8 years now and these are the most complete/straightforward tools we have used. Objective C was a little interesting to learn but once you get the hang of it, its pretty clean.

6. Is your company privately owned? Venture backed?

Mihir Shah: Our company is funded by a group of leading seed stage investors including Jeff Clavier’s SoftTech VC, Richard Wolpert’s Chance Technologies and Betaworks.

7. What are some of the other iPhone apps that you like?

Mihir Shah: Games of course — reMoveEm is a pretty good free game for mindless entertainment. Koi Pond is a must have just to show off your phone

8. What kind of features should Apple implement in future versions of the iPhone /SDK?

Mihir Shah: A directional compass would be great so one could detect what direction the iPhone is facing. Also raw access to the camera (although we understand why apple hasn’t allowed this). Bluetooth access especially for peer-to-peer networking functionality would also be killer.

9. What’s the development cycle for iPhone apps like?

Mihir Shah: We had our first usable version in under a month. We then spent a month leading up to our launch at Techcrunch 50 adding enhanced map interactivity, invite capability and making the overall interaction as easy as we could.

10. Are you working on any other apps that you will be releasing soon?

Mihir Shah: We will certainly be adding more useful features to the app and responding to feedback from our users.

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