Interview with Carole Zieler of PMS Tracker


 AppCraver spoke with Carole Zieler, the developer of PMSTracker about her experience creating apps for the iPhone, iPod touch.

1. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?

Carole: I began developing apps for the iPhone on 10/20/2008.

2. What was the inspiration behind your app?

Carole: I overheard a someones husband complaining that he needed an easy way to track when she was going to be PMS’ing. He then also mentioned that he wished he could figure out when his boss was going to have PMS. After hearing this man complaining about it for a few minutes, I started to think it would be a great idea for an iPhone app.

3. How did you settle on your price point for the app?

Carole: The economy is pretty uncertain right now, and I was looking for some side income, so I didn’t want it to be free, but at the same time I didn’t want to charge too much for it. I settled on the lowest paid app price there was, 99 cents.

4. How did you like the developer tools provided in the iPhone SDK? Is there anything missing?

Carole: I liked XCode, but I did not like the User Interface designer. The UI designer gave me flashbacks to the early days of Visual C++ 1.5 where their UI designer was buggy as hell. I found the UI Designer offered for the iPhone to be completely unintuitive. They need to spend some time improving this.

I also had a heck of a time figuring out the process for certifying my applications for upload to the store. This process seems buggy as well. I spent roughly 8 hours building, cleaning, building, rebooting, repeating all of those, etc. Their system kept telling me that the app wasn’t signed, and then finally after 8 hours, it suddenly worked, even though I hadn’t changed anything.

5. Is your company privately owned? Venture backed?

Carole: I don’t have a company at this time, it’s currently just me.

6. What are some of the other iPhone apps that you like?

Carole: Shazaam, Sportacular, Restaurants

7. What kind of features should Apple implement in future versions of the iPhone / SDK?

Carole: A better UI designer.

8. What's the development cycle for iPhone apps like?

Carole: So far it hasn’t been too bad, except for the process of getting the app signed to upload to the store.

9. Are you working on any other apps that you will be releasing soon?

Carole: I have a few ideas, but I haven’t started working on them yet.

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