Interview with Tony Chen from Elite Web Central


We caught up yesterday with Tony Chen from Elite Web Central over email. Tony is the developer of Daily Wallpaper, a web application for the iPhone.

AppCraver: When did you start developing web applications for the iPhone?

Tony Chen: Our site was launched about a month ago, and our first web application, "Daily Wallpaper" was launched two weeks ago.

AppCraver: What was the inspiration behind Daily Wallpaper?

Tony Chen: We have received many comments from readers telling us that how much they love our wallpaper collection. The inspiration for the web app was to allow our users to access our wallpapers and download them using their iPhone.

AppCraver: Can you explain how a web application for the iPhone works?

Tony Chen: There are two types of iPhone web applications - one uses Apple's SDK function, and the other is no different than a normal web site. iPhone's SDK is very powerful and easy to use. Developers can easily create some cool effects for their web apps (like the slide effect). Developers also can build their web apps using a standard HTML/CSS combo.

AppCraver: Roughly how many users do you have?

Tony Chen: Roughly around 1000 - 1300 users daily are using the iPhone to access our "Daily Wallpaper" web app at the moment.

AppCraver: Is your company privately owned? Venture backed?

Tony Chen: At the moment, we are just a group of people who are keen to develop something useful for iPhone users. We would love to develop some iPhone web applications that can entertain iPhone users in their spare time as well.

AppCraver: What are some iPhone apps that you like?

Tony Chen: There are many iPhone apps that we like. Some of our favorites are Twitterrific, Palringo, Tap Tap and Aurora Feint.

AppCraver: What's the development cycle for iPhone web apps like?

Tony Chen: I think the development cycle for iPhone web apps is the same as the development cycle for other standard web applications. We just need to pay more attention to the relatively small screen size. And also, we need to take extra care of the bandwidth usage of the iPhone web apps.

AppCraver: Are you working on any other web apps that you will be releasing soon?

Tony Chen: Yes - you will be seeing them very soon. I am sure people will love them!

AppCraver: Thanks Tony!

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