Musician Yakap Trana Launches Eye Saw You for Finding Missed Connections

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Yakap Trana developer of Eye Saw YouEver wonder what it's really like to develop your first app? Meet Yakap Trana from eye saw you. In this interview, Yakap Trana answers our questions and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it was like to create eye saw you and get it released into the App Store.

AC: Tell us a little about your or your company. What is your background?

Yakap Trana: I am a musician. I have been signed by Major labels, released 6 albums and performed all over the States and Europe. However I have always been creative in other fields than music. When I had the idea for the eye saw you app I had all the skills as far as the design and the architect.

Trana Productions is a start up based in Bellevue. The company went through few changes until I met my current partner Mike Mercer. Mike is an Entrepreneur by nature. With his addition the company became what it is today. We also have two silent partners.

AC: eye saw you is your first app. Why did you want to start developing for the iPhone and iPad?

Yakap Trana: There are some apps that launch starting with only iPhone. We have done extensive research and decided to go with these 2 major markets. We want to be able to focus rather than having the app in all platforms. We are planning on releasing a Windows phone version in the next few months. 

AC: Tell us about your app. How did you get the idea?

Yakap Trana: It was always fun to look at the posts in the back of our local magazine (The Stranger). There is always the slim chance of you being spotted as well. It’s just a fun, romantic, harmless concept… It is always great to know that people are still romantic wherever you go on earth. I thought this concept could use a lot of improvement as far as changing it from a wishful thought to a very high possibility of connecting. Given the technology today we know can say ”No more missed connections!”

AC: How is this app different from similar apps?

Yakap Trana: First and utmost this app is NOT a stalking app. It is also not a dating app necessarily. Yes, it connects people but it does not mean they connect to go on a date. eye saw you is a virtual bulletin board. No body has any personal info or profiles. You are 100% anonymous until unless you chose to exchange your personal information.

People connect through a post based on venue, time and a text describing the individuals involved. No one knows where you are through the GPS functionality even when you check in. Check in simply is to receive notifications of posts at the current venue and also an easy access to find your past venues so you can brows posts with a few steps.

AC: How did you choose your pricing model -- ad-supported vs. freemium vs. paid? What influenced your decision?

Yakap Trana: You can have a great product but without giving away you will not have a real testimonial. Considering the stiff competition and ever growing saturation of the app market you have to really get people’s attention and there simply are too many good free apps to compete with.

We realized that the product could be free while utilizing other monetization channels that revolve around building a community.

AC: Do you have experience developing for other platforms? How does it compare to the iOS development process?

Yakap Trana: This is our first phone app. We are fans of Apple user experience flows and decided to apply it to cross platforms despite the native syntax of the Android (Windows in the future).

AC: How long did it take to get your app from idea to App Store?

Yakap Trana: Close to 2 years. When I had the idea first, I only knew so much about development and the phone market. Two years of non-stop research and hard work brought the initial idea to a whole new level. We now are sitting on a well developed app with a clear marketing direction.

AC: What was the biggest challenge you faced while creating this app?

Yakap Trana: The biggest challenge was trying to keep the UX/UI simple and user friendly.

AC: What was the best advice you received while developing your app? Where did it come from?

Yakap Trana: ”Never give up.” It came from my head.

AC: Looking back on this experience, if you knew then what you know now would you do anything differently?

Yakap Trana: Hmm. It is a non-stop learning process. So, I guess every time you learn something you will want to do things differently. It is true not only for then but now as well.

AC: Do you have any future plans for this app? Where do you see it a year from now?

Yakap Trana: I would like to see the app being an influence on how we meet and interact. I would also like to see people steering away from online dating sites and realize that there is no better connection than the real life encounter. Visually, sensually, emotionally… eye saw you is a platform that serves to real life connections.

AC: Besides your own of course, what is your favorite app right now?

Yakap Trana: I think Shazam is the coolest app out there.

AC: What apps do you consider essential to your day-to-day life? Why?

Yakap Trana: My bank’s app – take care of business, Facebook – stay tuned, Pandora – I am a musician, Shazam – Gotta know this song!, Google places – where in the heck is this place ?

AC: Do you have any new apps in development? What can we expect to see from your company in the near future?

Yakap Trana: Yesss! Can’t talk about it in detail but the new app is going to be an absolute hit :)

Super simple, extremely viral. Besides it’s unique concept it combines few of the popular platforms but on steroids since all happens simultaneously.

AC: Any last words? What else would you like our readers to know about your company?

Yakap Trana: We put a lot of thought and consideration in creating safe and fun environments around our apps.

Hope you enjoy our products and have fun with them.

Contact Yakap Trana of eye saw you

Twitter: @eyesawyou

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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