Busy Moms Rely on Intuition to Get Things Done

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

intuition iphoneA productivity app with a claim of being “designed by moms, for moms,” Intuition makes it easy to organize the tasks every family manager (a.k.a. mom) needs to tackle. With an array of included categories as well as customizable options all organized into a list view, Intuition is more than just a to-do list and is quite a comprehensive personal assistant with the potential to simplify hoards of information, lists and notes.

Taking a quick tour of Intuition, users will find the ability to view tasks by category, add events to a calendar that automatically syncs with Google calendar, create a grocery list, note phone calls to be made, errands to be run and to quickly share a task, event or list with someone else. With an organized list view and the ability to add custom categories, Intuition is a pretty solid all-in-one organizer. And the best part is it’s free.

It may take new users a bit of time to explore Intuition in its entirety and to set it up for quick use and reference, but once you become familiar with Intuition it’s pretty user-friendly. There is a quick guide available at start up and if you have problems setting up the calendar to sync there is a help link included within the app, accessible from the “My info” petal.

Once you have the hang of it, Intuition is a neat tidy package and has some nice features, such as marking destinations on Google map to make planning errands simpler. Accessible by tapping the “nearby” petal from the flower menu, the map is one of my favorite features. Adding tasks by locations, such as stores, doctor’s offices, schools, or other locations and viewing them on the map to plan an outing ahead of time is a time (and gas) saver. The shopping list function is also helpful as you can quickly build a list by selecting items from the included database organized by category or alphabetically.

Additional features include short, inspirational quotes that display alternately in the non-obtrusive google ad display at the bottom of the screen and a quick email interface to delegate tasks to others (like email a grocery list to dad at work). The “community” petal of the main flower menu provides access to a variety of hints and tips like rainy day games, vegan recipes, or home organization tips and allows registered Intuition members to submit ideas, recipes, or tips with other users.

As a personal organizer, Intuition is definitely solid and contains more features than you might expect for free. Bottom line, Intuition is...well...intuitive. If mom doesn’t already have an iPhone or iPod Touch, hook her up this Mother’s Day and make sure you tell her about Intuition.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Shawn

    I wish they had this for the Andriod market

  • Christie

    I just discovered this app yesterday, and by far this is the best and least annoying organizing app. I am a busy Mom but I wished that it wasn't called such so that I can readily convince my friends who are not moms that this is such a wonderful app.