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Invasion of the Zakks
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invasion of the Zakks iphone appEvery once in a while, I come across a game or an application that makes me really, really happy to be an AppCraver reviewer, because otherwise, I probably wouldn't have seen it, or if I'd seen it, I probably wouldn't have given it a second look. Invasion of the Zakks by Marty Weiner is one of those games. Based off popular old computer games like Daleks (and/or Robots), the goal of Invasion of the Zakks is simple: avoid the killer robot monsters chasing after you. Or to put it even more simply: don't die!

Players take the role of Martok, a saucy but easily squished alien whose home planet has been overrun with Z.A.K.K. assault drones. (I have no idea what Z.A.K.K. stands for, although considering the guys behind Invasion of the Zakks are Marty and Zach, I'm guessing what it stands for is irrelevant.) The Zakks have one goal, and one goal only — to eliminate Martok. Luckily for Martok, and by extension for players, the Zakks are really dumb. Each time Martok takes a step, all the Zakks will move toward him, even if that results in them crashing into one another or rolling straight into flaming wreckage.

As action-packed as Invasion of the Zakks is (there are plenty of explosions), at its heart this is definitely a puzzle game. There are a couple of different types of Zakks to avoid; some move one square at a time, others move two at a time. There are also two different modes to Invasion of the Zakks. In Puzzle mode, you use your wits (and sometimes, bombs!) to clear out the Zakks and avoid annihilation. In Marathon mode, Martok is confronted with a field of Zakks, all of whom must be cleared...but also gains the power of teleportation. Fun times! If all the Zakks are cleared and you're still standing, you move on to the next challenge.

"Once you play, you'll have luscious hair, economic success, and respect. Finally, some respect," the Invasion of the Zakks description on iTunes promises. While I haven't quite gathered the evidence necessary to support that claim, I'm more than willing to keep playing in order to see if it comes true.

For a limited time, Invasion of the Zakks will be on sale for $1.99. Check out this funny 80's-style commercial for Invasion of the Zakks. Even the advertising is great!

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