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Showtimes Upgrade Gives More... Just in Time for Holiday Viewing Season

As family and friends gather around the country this holiday season there will undoubtedly be a great deal of movie watching. Awards season after all is just on the other side of 2009. Showtimes may be just what the movie goer ordered.

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Sudoku (Free) Adds up to Good Times

Sudoku has been a favored pastime for newpaper-gamers for a long time.  Usually right next to the crossword, it offers a game of numbers that is easier to conquer. For those of you who don't know what sudoku is, it involves 9 large boxes which has another 9 boxes inside each large box.

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It’s no surprise that New York based Marco Arment’s Instapaper is such a huge hit with commuters and travelers. Readers who ride the train, bus, or subways will likely find Instapaper an essential part of their daily commute or journey.

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Fliq is a Great Concept, but Not Seamless Just Yet

Sharing photos and contacts is smooth with Fliq The strength of Fliq lies in its relative ease-of-use for transferring contacts and photos. Plus it is free, unlike the paid version of Handshake.

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WhitePages App Gives Broad Access to Contact Information — With a Few Extras

The entire White Pages can now fit into the palm of your hand. delivers a powerful utility app with a seemingly unlimited number of electronic business and residential entries to the iPhone.

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Google Earth: A Free Trip Around the World on iPhone, iPod Touch

As of last night the ultimate interactive map and the ultimate interactive phone are now linked. Google Earth is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch. Having Google Earth at your fingertips anytime, anywhere is cool enough.

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Grocery IQ - Manage and Share Your Grocery Shopping List

The best utility apps are those that have proven themselves to be extremely functional aka time saving. Grocery IQ falls into this category by simplifying the often tedious and cumbersome task of grocery shopping.

PanoLab is a Must Have Photo Collage Utility

Unlike the paid Pano and Panorama apps, PanoLab is free, and allows for both vertical and horizontal panorama creations. Unlike Pano, PanoLab does not feature any blending or ghosting as a means of lining up pictures -- instead you take the pictures one at a time and then move them around to create a collage.

Buy on the App Store is the Real Deal for Fashionistas

The designers are top notch, the photos are drool-worthy, the news is juicy. What more can a devoted follower in the Cult of Style want? The app is extremely intuitive to use. Choose a section — new shows, all shows or couture — choose a designer, then swipe to view the collection.

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AroundMe Shows Results With Minimum Fuss

AroundMe is another app designed to make use of iPhone's GPS to locate nearby services, similar to Where To or I Want. What's nice about AroundMe is that it does so without the fuss of other programs. Unlike other apps that offer up a bunch of subcategories so users can drill down to the "most accurate" results, AroundMe's minimalist display is like finding Location Nirvana.

Threads is Great for Viewing T-shirt Art from Threadless

Do you love Mondays because you know it's the day that Threadless releases new t-shirt designs? Then you need to check out Threads, the free app from Ian Marsh for iPhone and iPod Touch. Threads is a mini-gallery to showcase the weekly t-shirt designs at our favorite cotton and silkscreen retailer.

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i.TV - The Future of the TV Guide

i.TV is a new TV and movie guide that just hit the app store yesterday.  This app offers a vast amount of TV listings and movie theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing show descriptions, previews and trailers, celebrity bios, as well as the option to write a review and share information and opinions about shows or movies.

FlyCast - Surf the Web While You Listen to Your Tunes

The developers of FlyCast held nothing back when they released their music broadcasting app. Since its release to the App Store,  FlyCast has generated quite a few comments, and it seems most everybody liked the app.

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Fring Could be the Ultimate Killer App.

Fring, the integrated IM client, launched today for the iPhone. Before getting into Fring specifics, pay attention to what happens at 46seconds on the above video. What is mentioned (an I have confirmed) is that if you hold down the sleep (top) button of Fring for a second and then release, the phone will power off, but you still will receive alert messages when pinged by a Fring IM client (such as AIM or Skype).

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Strike Up the Fun with iBowl

Upon opening iBowl a warning on the instructions page reads: "Before playing, make sure objects and people are out of the way." This message is a first hint at how much fun this game is. Brought to the iPhone by large game developer Social Gaming Network (SGN), makers of iGolf, iBowl delivers.