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BlackBook is the Definitive Hip Urban Guide

There are several good restaurant review apps in the AppStore (my personal favorite is UrbanSpoon), but they all suffer from clutter - the hip, trendy sushi spot that you really want to go to is listed right next to the neighborhood Jack in the Box.

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LastFM App Rocks for Station Surfing from Your iPhone

Most people are familiar with Pandora, the music discovery service based on the Music Genome Project. Fewer people (including myself) have followed the evolution of CBS-owned LastFM. Originally known for their iTunes plugin called "AudioScrobbler", the idea of LastFM is to suggest music based on what other people listen to.

NetNewsWire is NewsGator for iPhone

NetNewsWire has an unfortunate name. It doesn't sound like an RSS reader, and there is no connection between its name and its parent, the well known (and liked) NewsGator RSS service. However, the product is solid, and currrently the best choice for an RSS reader on iPhone until Google Reader completes its iPhone port.

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Wikipanion is the Top App on iTunes

The top app on the iPhone is a search app, and it's not Google. Wikipanion is a simple, clean version of Wikipedia for the iPhone; and its also very popular - more so than any free game, and more so than the king of search, Google.

Movies is a Category-Killer, Must-Have App

The new Movies app was written by Jeffrey Grossman, a college sophomore, and was sold to the online movie website Flixster for an undisclosed sum last week. It is one slick app. What separates Movies from some of the other apps in this category is the attention to detail.

iPhunny Jokes is Pretty Funny

iPhunny Jokes is a very simple app that showcases some of the latest material from Conan O Brian, Letterman and Leno. I would say that 8 out of 10 of the jokes are funny enough that you will want to forward them on to your friends, and the app makes that extremely easy to do, by integrating with you contact list.

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LinkedIn Releases App for iPhone

LinkedIn, the leader in business social networking (at least in the US), has launched an iPhone version of its popular web service. Much like Facebook, the main function of this app is to provide a quick way to contact people that you have connected with online, but you don't have an up-to-date email address for.

Buy Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews on the App Store

UrbanSpoon - a must for iPhone foodies

Urban Spoon is a small Seattle startup (three employees as of last year: see this coverage), focused on the restaurant review space. Unlike Yelp, which relies on social/user reviews, UrbanSpoon took the approach of incorporating existing review data from trusted sources like CitiSearch.

PocketPedia is a cool little app for saving collections of books

PocketPedia is an app that allows you to search for books (or cds) on Amazon, and then store the results in folders. So, for example, you can create list of "cook books" and then include all your favorite cookbooks.

Ebay Mobile is a Good App for Auction Addicts

I am not a massive eBay user; but I can recognize a good app version of a website when I see one, and the eBay app fits the bill. Free, slim and efficient; the app allows you to quickly monitor and bid in all your auctions.

Buy myLite LED Flashlight & Strobe Light for iPhone and iPod - Free on the App Store

myLite Flashlight and Colored Strobe

Of all the lighting apps out there, myLite has the best combination of luminescent choices. Start with a plain old flashlight, choose "normal" under effects and customize any color and brightness using the simple sliders.

Exposure: A good free flickr viewer

A lot of us use flickr to store our photos online. Bought by yahoo in 2004, this service is the "gold standard" in online photo management, and is in some ways the poster child of web 2.0. Undoutably, Yahoo will eventually release a native flickr app, but for the time being we have Exposure, a free ad-suported flickr client.

Buy WordPress on the App Store

WordPress for iphone

I am writing this post on the wordpress app for iPhone. The app is free, and extremely self explanatory. It's very easy to write a new post, edit a post, or even take and attach a picture to a post.

Twitterific is an excellent Twitter client for iPhone

Twitterific is an excellent Twitter client for iPhone

Twitter is one of those new applications that either you "get" or you don't. Twitterers love the product for its ability to blast updates about your day to day life ("I'm at Starbucks, right now, getting a latte") to your friends, and basically anybody who cares to "track you".

Pandora is the Killer Music App

Pandora is the Killer Music App

When the Pandora music discovery service first appeared in 2004, I was fascinated with the product. Just type in the name (or part of the name) of your favorite band, and Pandora will create a custom "radio station" around that band, including songs from the band itself, as well as songs that "sound like" that artist.