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Buy Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets on the App Store

Find Movies Near You with Fandango

Fandango - Movies are not cheap. In the spirit of the recession, I recently got rid of my satellite television. Now for entertainment, I am considering going to the movies again, and Fandango makes it easy to spend my precious play money wisely.

Buy AAA Mobile on the App Store

AAA Discounts Features Roadside Help and Saves You Money Too

If you’re not a member of AAA, you should be. It surprises me just how pervasive and ubiquitous are the companies that provide discounts to AAA members. Check out AAA Discounts, a free iPhone app, and you’ll see what I mean.

Buy Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List on the App Store

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: Recipes on the Go

If you have ever visited, you know that this website houses one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly recipe sites on the web. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List offers a database of the same great recipes on your iPhone.

Buy myAT&T on the App Store

AT&T myWireless Mobile is Great for Slow Times

In functionality, AT&T myWireless Mobile, is a nearly identical version of the company’s Web site. AT&T customers (and almost all of us are) can use this app to view and pay bills, view voice minutes and data usage, and add or remove features from their accounts.

Buy iHeartRadio – Free Streaming Music & Internet AM/FM Radio Stations on the App Store

I Heart iheartradio! Listen to Radio on the iPhone and iPad

iheart radio - Being a small town girl, I am not too familiar with Clear Channel Broadcasting. I remember the Howard Stern controversies – who doesn’t – but Clear Channel has otherwise not frequently touched my sheltered ears.

Buy Balloon Headed Boy Free on the App Store

Balloon Headed Boy: Light Fun for Everyone

I'm a sucker for cutesy action games, so it comes as no surprise that I really like Balloon Headed Boy. The story of Balloon Headed Boy makes about as much sense as these types of games ever make, which is to say that apparently Balloon Headed Boy's birthday party has been postponed by a horrible storm of rain and frogs.

Buy How To Videos from on the App Store

How To Videos from

If you’re already familiar with, the online community website that shares video guides for how to do just about anything, then you’ll understand the concept of this app.

Buy Dictionary & Thesaurus on the App Store Speaks So You Can Understand

Dictionary apps are a a buck a dozen in the App Store.—Dictionary & Thesaurus, from the Web site of the same name,  is not your usual dictionary. This one speaks — at least most of the time.

Buy WebMD – Trusted Health and Wellness Information on the App Store

WebMDmobile Medical Information On The Go

Sometime over the past 10 years just about everyone has sat down at their computer and visited the WebMD website seeking information for a remedy or relief from an injury or illness. With the WebMDmobile iPhone app from WebMD, LLC you can now access that same information conveniently on your iPhone.

Buy Skype for iPhone on the App Store

Skype Brings Its Free Calls, IM, to iPhone

There was a big splash when Skype was announced for the iPhone. It seemed like the perfect combination. The device that revolutionized smart phones paired up with the service that has changed how some make calls and instant message. But does it work?

Buy Mobicip Safe Browser With Parental Control on the App Store

Mobicip Safe Browser Makes Mobile Browsing Safe for Kids

Mobicip Safe Browser - Access to the Internet proves useful in so many different situations, especially mobile access. For kids, mobile Internet access can prove both a learning and entertainment tool, but unfortunately, unrestricted access to the Internet is a dangerous prospect for kids.

Buy H.E.X. PRO on the App Store

H.E.X. is in the Mix If You Like Match-Up Games

p13development's H.E.X. is 60 percent off at the moment (which makes it $0.99) and that's a smart move on the part of the developer. H.E.X. is a match-up game and the shelves in the App Store are packed with the genre.

Buy Wattpad - Free Books and eBook Reader - Read Fiction, Romance, Fanfiction stories on the App Store

Wattpad Shines on Amateur Writers

Wattpad, from the company by the same name, is an example of socialism in action. Wattpad was founded on the idea it would be an electronic meeting place where any community member could share his or her own content and read content written or contributed by any other community member.

Buy PopOff on the App Store

PopOff Supplies More Sounds for Popping Off

While I truly do not understand the fascination with sound effect apps, PopOff is yet another sound app with a name that implying its purpose — it's a collection of random sounds you can “pop off.” Though I prefer to use my device for productivity, gaming, and music entertainment, I alone do not make up the entire populous of iPhone/iPod touch users and there are plenty of users who enjoy the ability to have random sound effects at their finger tips.

Buy Yellow Pages on the App Store

Yellow Pages: Fingers, Walking. You Know the Drill

With the web-browsing abilities of the iPhone, it's generally pretty easy to find a phone number; a little Googling will usually get you what you need. That being said, Yellow Pages by Avantar conveniently makes it even easier to find whatever it is you're looking for.