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Buy Air Guitar on the App Store

Air Guitar Rocks Out

The App Store has something for everyone including amateur rockers. Air Guitar by Inedlible Software will have you spinning and strumming away to your favorite hits. It’s a fun entertainment app that uses the accelerometer of the phone so you get the full effect.

Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It! is one of the first user-friendly calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, and it is free. The Lose It app from FitNow utilizes the Mifflin equation to determine what your daily calorie intake should be.

Buy Links in a Blink on the App Store

Links In a Blink: Easily Import Firefox and Google Bookmarks

Links In a Blink, from Sync In a Blink, solves one of the problems that frustrates me most about the iPhone. Sure, this app has a few quirks, but it does what I want it to do, which is to easily import my bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox on my Windows PC and Ubuntu desktops.

Buy mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push on the App Store

mBox Aims to Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Mobile Office

mBox Fax & Voice, from mBox enables you to receive and manage faxes and voicemail on your iPhone or iPod touch via mBox's online messaging service. It's an iPhone app and online service combination that is aimed at business people who are frequently out of the office.

Buy Sonos Controller on the App Store

Sonos iPhone App Makes Multi-Room Sound System Even Better

What could be better than accessing your entire music library from a set of high quality speakers in any room of your home? How about adding internet radio, local radio stations, Pandora, and the ability to connect to subscription services such as Napter, Rhapsody and SIRIUS? Now, what if you could also ditch your remote and control all of these music services from your iPhone? Welcome home to Sonos.

Buy Mancala: FS5 (FREE) on the App Store

Mancala: FS5 (Free) — Marble Game Gets Everything Right

Mancala: FS5 (Free). For those of us that didn’t already know, "The word mancala comes from the Arabic word naqala meaning literally ‘to move.' There is no one game with the name mancala; instead mancala is a type, or designation, of game.” (Wikipedia) This is a wonderful game that I remember from my childhood and it brought a smile to my face to see it in the app store.

Buy Crazy Penguin Catapult on the App Store

Digital Chocolate Launches a Winner with Crazy Penguin Catapult

Crazy Penguin Catapult is Digital Chocolate’s first iPhone game, bursting onto the scene just one day before Chocolate Shop Frenzy. Crazy Penguin Catapult is nothing short of what you’d expect from the monster publishing house. The highly anticipated game is an adventure game with skill, precision and strategy.

Buy Stanza on the App Store

Stanza eReader Opens New Chapter for Reading on iPhone

Put a sign that says "Free" on anything from a broken Beta VCR to a basket of kittens, and I'll probably take it home. When I came across Lexcycle's e-Reader Stanza in the App Store, I grabbed it, even though I seldom read lengthy docs on my iPhone.

Buy Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone on the App Store

Scoops: Stacking Game Takes Cool to New Heights

From what I hear, Ian Marsh, the developer of Hanoi, Threads, and Scoops, is gaining some recognition as an app developer. Being curious by nature, I wondered what it was about the Scoops app that was so great.

Craigsphone is Almost All You Need to Use Craigslist with iPhone

Craigsphone by Next Mobile Web is so close to being the best and most full-featured Craigslist app for the iPhone. I've previously reviewed two other Craigslist iPhone apps. Both CraigsMobileList and CraigSearch lacked certain much-needed features and neither had the ability to post sales.

Trailers May Be Good for Hardcore Movie Fans

There are numerous entertainment apps that feature information on current and upcoming movies and Trailers is just one of the many. Trailers is the paid version of Trailers Lite, the previously available free app that allows you to view Apple’s high quality movie trailers.

Buy Yahoo Sports on the App Store

Sportacular Knocks It Out Of The Park With News, Stats and Scores

Sportacular by Citizen Sports is the perfect app for the sports fan. Whether your need is the final score of one game or all the games, you’ll have that answer right in the palm of your hand.

Buy Allrecipes Dinner Spinner on the App Store

Allrecipes Is For People Who Like to Play With Their Food

My wife uses the Allrecipes Web site as her go-to source when she's looking for something new to cook. Me, I just keep everything in my head and prepare meals using whatever is available in the kitchen.

Buy DXP FREE on the App Store

DoubleExp FREE Proves Two Photos are Better Than One

Once considered a fluke that could very well ruin two groups of photos, double exposures have become just another creative tool in your camera bag of tricks. And now with DoubleExp FREE by Tandem Systems you can apply this same technique to your on-the-go library right from your iPhone or iPod touch for free.

CraigsMobileList Searches Craigslist with Style

CraigsMobileList by Mobile Simplicity lets you search craigslist with ease. If you haven’t heard of, then go check it out. It’s a great resource for finding & selling just about anything.